Jukka Nurmi

31st Oct 2011

Christine (1983)

Corrected entry: In 1958, Plymouths could be ordered with radios (as was Christine in the movie). However, radio technology at that time still used vacuum tubes and vacuum tubes take time to warm up. Transistor (solid state) radios require no warm up time and produce audio instantly when turned on, but transistor radios were not used in cars until the early 60's. Typically, vacuum tube radios takes approximately 5-10 seconds for audio to be heard after the radio is turned on. In the assembly line scene (as well as later scenes), the radio is turned on and music is heard instantly but this is simply not possible with a vacuum tube radio.

Larry Kohut

Correction: The car is possessed. Evil doesn't follow any rules.

Apart from the tagline of the movie, we are not given any indication Christine is possessed by an external force. She was born evil and sentient.

Jukka Nurmi

Correction: Arnie cobbled the car together with parts from Darnell's wrecking yard. Also, there are a number of companies that make modern electronic radios with the face plates of the original car for car restorers.


The car radio came on the instant it was turned on on the assembly line in 57. It played Buddy Holly, Not fade away.

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