Jukka Nurmi

8th Sep 2002

Friday the 13th (1980)

Corrected entry: When Brenda is thrown out the window, Alice immediately runs outside to see Mrs. Voorhees pull up in the jeep. How can this be if she just threw Brenda in the cabin?

Correction: Mrs. Voorhees could have already placed the jeep a short distance away with the lights off. Alice provides enough horror-stricken time for Mrs. Voorhees to have dumped the body through the window then quickly run up the hill, gotten into the jeep, turned on the lights and driven it the short distance as though she were just arriving.

OR...maybe Jason helped her. After all, where was Jason during all this? He should have been grown at this time.

Jason wasn't introduced until the sequel, and he was *dead* in the continuity of the original film. After all, what's the point of avenging him if he's running around with his mother?

Jukka Nurmi

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