Jukka Nurmi

Continuity mistake: When Bond arrives at Tiffany's home in Amsterdam, he rings her doorbell. It's shown that she's living on the 4th floor (T. Case), but through the speaker-system she tells Bond to come upstairs to the 3rd floor.

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Suggested correction: Although her outside indicator does say "4", it's possible that unit 4 could be located on the 3rd floor.

What we in the US call the second floor is the first floor in Europe. So a US fourth floor is a European third floor.

Noman Premium member

Definitely not everywhere in Europe. In the Nordic countries, for example, the first floor's the first floor.

Jukka Nurmi

True, but this scene takes place in the Netherlands where floors are numbered Ground, First, Second etc. So, not a Nordic country.

Other mistake: When the helicopter is chasing the Lotus Esprit, it is flying fast, doing sharp turns and firing bullets. Even for the most experienced pilots, this would take a lot of concentration and hard work and would result in some stress. But when Bond spots Naomi in the pilot's seat, she is totally relaxed, stress free and barely looks like she's doing anything.

Gavin Jackson

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Suggested correction: Not a mistake; this is movie-land, after all. When Bond spots Naomi, and they share an awkward smile, both are travelling in a straight line at that moment. No reason why she couldn't spare a few seconds to taunt her target.


Indeed. Also, Naomi's working for a megalomaniacal madman as a secretary and an assassin. It's perfectly reasonable she's a stone-cold psychopath.

Jukka Nurmi

28th Jan 2010

Mad Max 2 (1981)

Correction: They aren't empty, the just don't have very much gas in them. They don't trust Max so they give him just enough gas to get the rig back to them. If they'd given him full tanks he might try to simply take the rig and leave. Also, it would be nearly impossible for him across the desert carrying 2 full cans of gas.

Then why not just give Max one can? They were obviously empty.

Because they contained two different types of fuel: high-octane for the gyrocopter, and diesel for the rig.

Jukka Nurmi

2nd Aug 2008

Alien (1979)

Corrected entry: 1. As captain, why send yourself, the only other pilot (Cain) and the weakest and most timid member of the crew (Lambert) to investigate an unknown and possibly dangerous planet? The better selection would have been Cain, Ripley (whose duties as warrant officer seem to be unclear) and one of the engineers, Bret or Parker. 2. Are we really to believe that the chain smoking and slightly built Lambert could help Dallas carry Cain's limp, space suit laden body thousands of meters, across rugged terrain back to the Nostromo? 3. The Nostromo can navigate itself to Earth through deep space - a navigator is not needed. 4. The Nostromo is just a 'tug' so why does it need a science officer and a lab filled with science equipment? 5. All the elaborate buttons and switches on the bridge and med lab have no labels or designators - how does the crew know what they're turning on or off? 6. Dallas makes two flippant decisions. First, to take off from the planet with needed repairs still underway. And second, to remove the face-hugger from Cain's face even thought it might kill him.

Correction: All character decisions, not movie mistakes. But there are some valid explanations: 1. Lambert's technical abilities were needed to decipher the alien equipment. 2. Lambert carried the lighter end (feet-end of the stretcher), and they likely made several rest stops. 3. Another character decision. 4. A science station doubles as sickbay and is needed in case they run into alien unknowns (like the situation in the movie). 5. Well trained people don't need labels on buttons. For example, expert typists can use a blank keyboard. 6. Not flippant decisions, the ship was able to take off and trying to remove the face-hugger was a calculated risk.

BocaDavie Premium member

Maybe the normal tugs owned by the company don't have a fully equipped science station, but the company would make sure this one did due to the nature of their mission.

It's more than a tug boat. It's a refinery that processes ore.

No, Nostromo is a tug towing the refinery, which is not part of the ship. The vessel detaches from the latter when they touch down on LV-426.

Jukka Nurmi

31st Oct 2011

Christine (1983)

Corrected entry: In 1958, Plymouths could be ordered with radios (as was Christine in the movie). However, radio technology at that time still used vacuum tubes and vacuum tubes take time to warm up. Transistor (solid state) radios require no warm up time and produce audio instantly when turned on, but transistor radios were not used in cars until the early 60's. Typically, vacuum tube radios takes approximately 5-10 seconds for audio to be heard after the radio is turned on. In the assembly line scene (as well as later scenes), the radio is turned on and music is heard instantly but this is simply not possible with a vacuum tube radio.

Larry Kohut

Correction: The car is possessed. Evil doesn't follow any rules.

Apart from the tagline of the movie, we are not given any indication Christine is possessed by an external force. She was born evil and sentient.

Jukka Nurmi

Correction: Arnie cobbled the car together with parts from Darnell's wrecking yard. Also, there are a number of companies that make modern electronic radios with the face plates of the original car for car restorers.


The car radio came on the instant it was turned on on the assembly line in 57. It played Buddy Holly, Not fade away.

8th Sep 2002

Friday the 13th (1980)

Corrected entry: When Brenda is thrown out the window, Alice immediately runs outside to see Mrs. Voorhees pull up in the jeep. How can this be if she just threw Brenda in the cabin?

Correction: Mrs. Voorhees could have already placed the jeep a short distance away with the lights off. Alice provides enough horror-stricken time for Mrs. Voorhees to have dumped the body through the window then quickly run up the hill, gotten into the jeep, turned on the lights and driven it the short distance as though she were just arriving.

OR...maybe Jason helped her. After all, where was Jason during all this? He should have been grown at this time.

Jason wasn't introduced until the sequel, and he was *dead* in the continuity of the original film. After all, what's the point of avenging him if he's running around with his mother?

Jukka Nurmi

13th Sep 2004

Moonraker (1979)

Plot hole: After the final battle scene we can see Jaws and his blonde girlfriend enjoying a champagne. But they are sitting in a blown-away section of the station which has no gravity.

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Suggested correction: That section of the space station hasn't been blown away yet when they're having a glass of champagne. It only detaches from the station after Jaws has enabled Bond and Goodhead to escape, and we don't see the inside of it after it drifts away.

Jukka Nurmi

Plot hole: How did Tommy get Jason's mask? I don't think the police would let him keep it as a souvenir.

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Suggested correction: This is not the same mask from the previous movie.

Yes, it is. It even has the ax mark from the end of the third movie.

Jukka Nurmi

It is a very different mask. The only things that match are the shape and the axe wound. The color changed from yellow to almond. The straps changed and snap on buttons that attached the straps were replaced with rivets. The half missing large red chevron has been replaced with a red triangle. The two smaller triangles under the eyes are gone. All the damage and chipped paint from part 4 is missing. This mask has more in common with the mask in Tommy's dream in part 5. My opinion - Tommy made it.


Revealing mistake: When the Charger hits the red truck, the truck turns over with the assistance of a 'pipe cannon' (note the sudden eruption of white smoke from under the truck). This device is like a large gun, pointed down that fires a cylindrical wooden 'bullet' at the ground, and the pressure behind it forces one side of the truck upward, causing the flip. Evidence of its use is seen when the passing cop drives away and in the street is a perfectly circular 'dent' in the asphalt with a burn mark surrounding it. (01:12:50 - 01:16:20)


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Suggested correction: A cannon roll uses a large device, usually a metal pipe that is pointed down, but it does not fire a "bullet" wooden or otherwise. It is just the force of the explosive charge focused downwards that causes the cars to roll over.

A cannon roll shoots out a wooden log to flip a vehicle, it's not just shooting out air.


This is just nonsense, a wooden log would be too dangerous to use, would be highly conspicuous on screen, and would take up room inside a vehicle.

Jukka Nurmi

Then you don't know how they use to do car stunts. It does take up room, but even modern methods do. Cars have to be modified heavily and of course it's dangerous, they're flipping a car with a driver inside. Film makers do everything they can to avoid the stunt car from being detected (just the same way they do everything that can to avoid a dummy being detected). Here's a article that talks about car stunts before the pneumatic flipper. Https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15364815/the-inside-story-of-the-academy-award-winning-car-inversion-device-or-how-to-flip-cars-real-good/.


2nd Feb 2006

Jaws (1975)

Corrected entry: When Brody and Hooper see that the shark is chewing its way through the ropes attached to their boat, they call Quint to come and shoot him. When Quint comes over with the gun, the shark rears out of the water and roars. Sharks cannot roar.

Correction: The shark does not roar when it comes out of the water. The only sound is that of air rushing into the shark's mouth, which is something that has been reported by survivors of shark attacks.

Well, no, if you go to the end of the movie where the shark goes inside the boat it makes a noise again so they do have it doing that.

I think you are correct. It is definitely a roar! The shark roars 3 times in total including the scene showing the shark's blown up corpse sinking down. The "correction" is a mistake.

The gurgling sound Bruce makes in this scene also sounds a lot like water rushing into his maw.

Jukka Nurmi

30th Apr 2004

Anaconda (1997)

Corrected entry: When the anaconda eats Jon Voight whole, there is a movement over the other side of the room, and it slides over at incredible speed. Snakes take hours to eat their prey (especially the size of a man) and weeks to digest. During this period, they can barely move at all. Also, after it spits him out (again, not possible), he winks.

Correction: Maybe it goes for regular sized anacondas but not giant huge anacondas that they have to take hours. Also it is possible to spit out their food. On Google theres a REAL video of an anaconda spitting out an entire baby hippo.

Hippos are native to Africa, and anacondas to South America. Also, snakes regurgitate their prey only in an emergency, like being threatened by a predator. Even gigantic anacondas like the ones in the movie would still take several weeks to digest a person, and remain immobile throughout.

Jukka Nurmi

They don't move intentionally, to help digesting their prey. That doesn't mean they can't actually move though, they can if they have to. This big one is faster than any real snake anyway. In the footage of an anaconda regurgitating its prey, the prey is a tapir.


Hippos can be found in the wild in South America. They were the pets of Pablo Escobar. A group of hippos originally imported by Escobar to his private zoo decades ago has multiplied and, according to scientists, is now spreading through one of the country's main waterways - the River Magdalena.

27th Aug 2001

Red Dawn (1984)

Corrected entry: In the scene where the freedom fighters are attacked by the Soviet helicopter gunships, one of them fires a rocket from an RPG-7 at one of them. It does little damage - it should have been blown out of the sky. The RPG-7 is an anti-tank weapon, so even a heavily armored helicopter shouldn't be able to withstand a hit from one.

Correction: If you look closely the RPG actually hits the Soviet guy in the open area of the helicopter. The copter actually has a open door (much like the US Huey) in the middle. The Russian is manning a gun in this middle part. The explosion kills this man (possible another) and disperses the explosion out the open sides instead of throughout the helicopter's hull.

Correction: The Hind helicopter is the most armoured helicopter in service. It will easily withstand an RPG hit because the RPG is designed to penetrate solid armour and has a relatively small explosive charge. The main enemy to all helicopters, as proven in Afghanistan, is the Man Poertable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS), like the Stinger, which homes in on the engine, and could easily drop a Hind if it hits there.

The original correction is correct: the explosion is dispersed through the open space. Had the RPG round struck the Hind elsewhere, the chopper would've been obliterated: RPG-7s have destroyed numerous main battle tanks, and an MI-24 Hind's armor was designed to withstand 14.7 mm rounds, not rocket-propelled grenades.

Jukka Nurmi

This is factually wrong. The RPG-7 as shown in the movie has actually only destroyed a few main battle tanks. In both Gulf Wars only 1 Abrams M1 was disabled (not destroyed) by an RPG. If the RPG had indeed exploded in the "open" part of Hind it would have killed the crew.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film, when he is off to find Andy, Red expresses the belief that the authorities won't care all that much about him breaking the conditions of his parole. He could not be more wrong. In the US in the Sixties he would be considered an escaped prisoner if he broke his parole, and considering he was inside for murder he would be regarded as dangerous. This is not a trivial matter and his breaking parole would be taken very, very seriously indeed. Crossing a State line would be a federal offence, bringing the FBI into play, and the US border patrol would be alerted. In short, every law enforcement agency in the country is going to be on the lookout for him, and when he tries to cross the border into Mexico he'll be arrested on multiple charges. Welcome back to Shawshank, Red.

Correction: What Red means, is not that they won't be looking for him, but that they will put in less of an effort in tracking him down than, say, a twenty-five year old serial killer. He is after all an old man who has done his time for one single offense, and had expressed sincere regret for it. The FBI would know of him, sure, but he would not rank high on their priority list. As for crossing the Mexican border, well, hundreds of people cross it undetected every day (in the opposite direction). It is not exactly air-tight. Especially in that era, before computers or similar, processing paperwork and the like would certainly allow him a window to be long gone before his absence was noticed, or certainly before that absence could be communicated to anyone likely to be in a position to stop him.


Correction: Making a second error doesn't mean the first is invalid. Red had no chance of getting to Mexico. Given the circumstances of his breaking parole, the fact that he was in prison for murder and his crossing a number of state lines he would be arrested long before he even got to the border. The original posting is correct.

This is simply untrue. There are numerous documented cases of wanted criminals crossing the country and making it into Mexico or Canada with relative ease. Red wasn't a wanted criminal, he was a parolee, and in the 1960s it would have been just a matter of a little luck for him to make it to Mexico.

Correction: Since we see him reunited with Andy at the end of the film, he obviously wasn't arrested at the Mexican border.

Jukka Nurmi

14th Mar 2019

Jaws (1975)

Corrected entry: When Chief Brody fires the shot that hits the air tank and blows up the shark, one second before the explosion the shark is not moving.

Correction: Impossible to notice without resorting to slow motion, and mistakes which require slow motion to notice do not belong on this website.

Jukka Nurmi

Agreed. Slow motion invalidates mistakes.

Ssiscool Premium member

Correction: I've taken showers where all I've done is rinse off without getting my hair wet. Maybe that's all Alice wanted to do.


Correction: When you are washing your face under the shower head your hair is going to get wet.

Why? It's easy to keep most of your hair dry while still washing your face by simply leaning your head back.

Jukka Nurmi

Thank you. Another way is to keep your head and face away from the sprayer, cup your hands, let water pool in them and splash them on your face. Point is, there are ways to take showers without getting your hair wet. My hair is longer than Alice's was in this movie and I can do it, so why wouldn't Alice be able to?


26th Jun 2013

Moonraker (1979)

Continuity mistake: When Drax throws two pieces of meat at his Doberman Pinschers, one piece lands by the leg of one of the dogs. But when Drax clicks his fingers to signal the dogs to eat the meat, the piece has moved in front of the dog's face.

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Suggested correction: No reason why the dog couldn't have moved the piece of meat closer to its face off-screen.

Jukka Nurmi

The whole idea of that scene is to show how obedient the dogs were and how well trained they are. Drax says that to Bond in the scene so the dogs wouldn't touch the meat at all until Drax gave the signal by clicking his fingers.

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