Plot hole: After the car burns, and they arrive at the motel, Neal only has $17.00 on him and nothing but melted credit cards, forcing him to give up his watch to help pay for the room. Del only has $2.00 but his watch doesn't quite flip the bill. At this point, between Neal and Del, they only have $2.00. However, when Neal invites Del into the room, so he doesn't freeze to death, they are eating Doritos and drinking shooters. Even in 1987 Doritos and a bunch of shooters must have cost more than $2.00. This is assuming Del didn't already have them in his trunk. But even if he did, at the end, Neal gets on his train, makes a return trip to find Del just where he thought he'd be, and then they'd both have to get back onto that train. After all, they both showed up at Neal's home. Once again, It would take money to get on that train. Four train fares with only $2.00. Neal's first trip, return trip, and Neal with Del for the last trip = four fares.


14th Jan 2020

The Twilight Zone (1959)

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up - S2-E28

Plot hole: At the end of the episode, the trooper answers the phone declaring the bridge is safe to cross but the driver is still worried. The trooper says "We'll go on ahead, cross the bridge first." When Mr. Ross returns to the diner, he tells Haley the bridge wasn't safe. It collapsed. The state police car, the bus, everything went into the river with no survivors, except him of course. Here's the problem. The troopers were going to cross the bridge first to check its safety, then let the bus cross (1 vehicle at a time). That means only one vehicle could have made the bridge collapse, not both at the same time. If the police car made it across safely, then the bus caused it to collapse. If the police car caused it to fall, the bus would not have gone anywhere near the bridge. Therefore, the story Ross gives Haley throws off the whole point of the police going across first.


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Suggested correction: It's simply a story he made up walking back to the diner. It's clear he caused the bridge to collapse and made sure all the vehicles went in.

Doubtful. He was very clear and precise about everything that happened on that bridge. Besides, he explained exactly how he survived, and the plans of his friends landing soon. There were no more secrets at this point. Why make up the bridge story?


Plot hole: When Mr. Loren introduces his wife to everyone, he tells her, "You know Watson Pritchard of course." That can't be because at the beginning of the movie the characters are asking if any of them know Frederick Loren. No one personally knows him including Watson Pritchard. He says, "I don't know him, all the details about renting the house were done by mail." If that's the case, it's impossible for Annabelle to know Pritchard since Frederick invited all the guests without his wife's approval. (00:34:05)


29th Sep 2018

Family Guy (1999)

The Unkindest Cut - S16-E19

Plot hole: When Stewie and Brian are at the diner Stewie says he negotiated a deal with the mob by telling them he convinced Mort to give him his flash drive with the info to put the mobsters in prison. When they actually meet, Stewie tells the mob guys the flash drive is "his" and that he bought the coverage. Then he says his address is on the drive so they can mail it back to him. The mob guys didn't realise Stewie lied about whose flash drive it really was. (00:15:40 - 00:19:00)


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