Erik M.

19th Jul 2022

Krull (1983)

Question: What are the Slayers? They have the bodies of men, but when they die something escapes into the sand from their "head." A parasite? A collection of tentacles?

Erik M.

Answer: The Slayers are small, tentacled alien creatures that control durable metallic bodies. If the shell body sustains enough damage, the worm-like creature will abandon the metal frame and burrow underground. It would seem without the metal bodies the creatures are vulnerable if not entirely defenseless.


15th Apr 2022

Batman Returns (1992)

Question: When the Penguin kills the Ice Princess, he then tries to kill Catwoman with his umbrella and crosses the crowd to his press van. Why doesn't the mob kill him after the murder and attempted murder?

Erik M.

Answer: The public believes Batman killed the Ice Princess, and they don't know about Penguin trying to kill Catwoman. The crowd that is surrounding his van are his supporters, not an angry mob.

Phaneron Premium member

8th Apr 2020

The Silence (2019)

Question: The military response was subdued - wouldn't they try to 1) Poison the creatures? 2) Make a noise then slaughter then en masse? 3) Use a tank and noise to lure them in and kill them with machine guns, flamethrowers, etc. Stealthy SEAL teams on a search-and-destroy mission? Drones?

Erik M.

Question: What character is MJ wearing on her shirt at the very end of the film, visible just before she and Spidey swing away from 41st Street and Grand Central Station in NYC?

Erik M.

Thank you so much for that prompt and great response - it's appreciated!

Erik M.

17th Jan 2020

Jaws (1975)

Question: Who was the girl said, "Sh-Shark! Shark in the estuary!" in Jaws? Does anyone know the character and/or actress' name?

Erik M.

Answer: The name of the actress is Carla Hogendyk.

Super Grover Premium member

Thanks, Super Grover! Now I know the character was known as Artist Hippie Girl thanks to you! Cheers and awesome job spotting her!

Erik M.

You're quite welcome. Happy to have helped! Rikki.

Super Grover Premium member

28th Nov 2019

Us (2019)

Question: Spoiler: The project behind The Tethered (and the rabbits) was said to have been abandoned for generations and the subjects left directionless. How, then, did that still have water, power, etc.?

Erik M.

Answer: The project was abandoned, but they obviously kept the tethered ones alive. This may have been out of some sense of compassion, or because there was a possibility they would be useful in the future.

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