Erik M.

Stupidity: Towards the end, one of the soldiers (Kieran) gets trapped in the store with a group of child hungries - he was injured in an ambush, but is still lucid/human. He threatens them with a grenade, even though he knows that throughout the story they are mindless and hardly capable of reason. Fair enough as a bad character mistake, but then to allow the hungries to close in on him and not detonate the grenade is inexcusable. Soldiers are trained to fight and, to a degree, accept even death, to obtain an objective or protect the others in their "unit." Dying anyway, he should have blown up the hungries to at least whittle down their numbers.

Erik M.

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Suggested correction: A soldier not having the nerve to kill himself is hardly "stupid." Suicide goes against the human desire for self-preservation. Even when faced with assured death it would still be difficult for someone to actually kill themselves and it can't be considered a mistake if someone fails to work up the nerve to do so.


Perhaps so, but soldiers accept that, to a level, their lives are expendable to serve the mission, greater good, etc. Some even seek out a honorable demise. Having many servicemen in my family, this is something repeated frequently. I accept your position as valid! He chose not to use the grenade when faced with his being eaten, and it's tragic. Solely in the context of the movie, it just seemed odd to me then-an opinion.

Erik M.

10th Oct 2019

The Birds (1963)

Trivia: Mitch's sister, Cathy Brenner, is played by a then very young Veronica Cartwright in her first horror role, who went on to star in other horrors, often alien-related: the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers as the sole surviving human, Nancy, in Alien as the character of Lambert and play a recurring abductee character on the long running series, The X-Files.

Erik M.

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Suggested correction: Sorry, maybe I'm missing something, but how is this trivia? Actors and actresses star in multiple movies. The three mentioned are not related or even similar. I don't see how this is trivia.


I felt that it is trivia to know that this actress continued to stay active in the horror/thriller genre...different, important roles. Some of her fans might not have even recognized her starting out in The Birds.

Erik M.

This isn't a trivia about the movie itself though. Trivia about cast members is acceptable if their role reflects or references a previous work, but not future works. And simply listing a person's acting resume isn't trivia without it being relevant to the film itself. For example, if an actor from an original TV show or movie appears in the reboot, you can list that as trivia for the reboot, but it wouldn't be trivia for the original. Plus, the film "The Birds" isn't an alien-based horror film.


15th Aug 2006

The Descent (2005)

Corrected entry: When the girls reach the cave, the blue truck parks and the BMW parks on its left side. When the last girl reaches the surface, she gets it the blue truck. When she goes to the truck, the beamer isn't there, But when she pulls out its on the left again.

Correction: This scene is a hallucination of Sarah's, as in the final scene we see she is still in the cave. She can be misremembering where the vehicles were parked, and as she is not thinking, remembering them at one point both being present, and at another only the Bronco II.


Her still being in the cave is in the UK release but not the USA version-in the latter, she escapes but hallucinates that Juno is in the vehicle with her as she tries to get away.

Erik M.

2nd Apr 2019

The Wolfman (2010)

Trivia: Maybe more coincidence than trivia, but towards the end of the film, Gwen shoots and kills the Wolfman/Lawrence Talbot - in effect, beauty kills the beast. In Universal Studios' other major classic monster movie, King Kong, the beauty kills the big ape, albeit indirectly.

Erik M.

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Suggested correction: King Kong was produced by RKO, not Universal.

I stand corrected. There's been some back and forth as to who owned the franchise at a point. So, coincidentally perhaps, beauty still plays a role in the creature's demise. :).

Erik M.

Corrected entry: During the bombing run on the Dreadnaught, Paige is on her back, kicking to try to get the bomb bay door trigger to fall down to her. When it finally does, and her arm shoots out to grab it, it is clear that she is now on her stomach, despite having no time to flip over. (About a second of time passes from when the trigger falls to when she grabs it).

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: You can roll over in less than a second.

Correction: In a life-or-death situation, and with heroic effort, she managed to roll over and make the saving catch just in the nick time-a heroic trope, sure, but potentially possible.

Erik M.

Correction: The trigger is falling in slow motion when she grabs it, giving her enough time to roll over onto her stomach.


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