3rd Feb 2011

Medium (2005)

A Person of Interest - S5-E3

Trivia: The boy who portrays the young version of Arlo Slocombe, Enzo Rossi, is actually Patricia Arquette's (Allison's) son in real life. Arquette directed this episode herself and struggled to find a young actor who looked similar to Kevin Corrigan, who portrays the same character as an adult. Finally she realized her son looked quite similar and asked him to play the part.


12th Aug 2010

Julie & Julia (2009)

29th Jul 2010

Frasier (1993)

Trivia: In ep. 1.20, "Fourtysomething", Frasier's admirer Carrie thinks that Bulldog is gay and overcompensating by acting as macho as he does. In ep. 1.24 "My Coffee with Niles", Niles asks Frasier if it means something that he just started using the word "Wow" and Frasier replies that "It means you're a gay man. Your life with Maris was a charade and you should have come out of the closet years ago. Are you going to tell dad or shall I?" In ep. 2.03 "The Matchmaker", Frasier's friend Tom thinks that Martin is gay. These are most likely references to the fact that these three straight characters are all portrayed by gay actors, namely Dan Butler, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney.


1st Jun 2010

Medium (2005)

Being Joey Carmichael - S4-E15

Trivia: In several scenes, for instance when Allison is talking to Teddy's ghost in the kitchen or when they're eating, you can see the names "Harlow" and "Enzo" spelled out in magnetic letters on the fridge. These are the names of Patricia Arquette's (Allison's) children. You can see the names separate and together in some other episodes too, but rarely as clearly as in this one.


6th Feb 2010

Calendar Girls (2003)

Trivia: At least six of the real "Calendar Girls" on which the story is based can be seen at the W.I. meetings. They don't have any lines, though.


9th May 2009

Marley & Me (2008)

Trivia: One of the many dogs used to portray Marley in this movie, the puppy in the scenes where Wilson takes Marley home after adopting him, was given to the real John Grogan and his family after the shooting.


Trivia: In the first book of the series, The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, Rebecca thinks of Kristin Scott Thomas and how it would be cool to be like her. In this film, Kristin Scott Thomas plays the part of Alette.


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