27th Jan 2011

The King's Speech (2010)

Corrected entry: The correct name of the second child of the Duke and Duchess of York (younger sister to (now) Queen Elizabeth) was "Princess Margaret Rose". She is incorrectly mentioned in the film as simply "Princess Margaret" a name by which she did not come to be known until she became an adult.

Correction: I suppose you are referring to the fact that her father calls her "Princess Margaret". Even though she was officially known as "Princess Margaret Rose", her family and friends might have called her only "Princess Margaret" on occasion.


16th Dec 2004

Matilda (1996)

Correction: She is probably used to hearing her mother say this so she is just mocking her.


Corrected entry: Kevin has his dad's bag, whose name is Peter, and while standing in front of the toy store when Harry and Marv spot him, the bag has "K. Mcallister" stitched on it. It should be a "P" since it is his dad's bag.

Correction: Kevin put his dad's bag in his own backpack. So the backpack belongs to Kevin aka "K. Mcallister".


What about the tag on the bag that Rob Schneider finds while Kevin is first exploring the hotel room, it has Peter Mcalister written on it.

That's the dad's backpack, taken out of Kevin's bag.

The dad's bag was not a backpack. It was a shoulder bag. Kevin's bookbag entering the plane in Chicago and exiting the plane in New York is the same size, but the dad's bag is missing when he walks off the plane.

10th Jul 2008

Frasier (1993)

And Frasier Makes Three - S11-E20

Corrected entry: In a previous episode when Frasier confronts Charlotte over his bad dates they have a long discussion about how she has moved back to Seattle because of a divorce and is living with her "crazy assed mother", yet in this episode we see Charlotte's apartment where there is no sign of her mother and only one bed.

Correction: We only see one bed because we only see one bedroom. And is it so hard to believe that her mother was in another room or out somewhere?


Not true - definitely an error - the bed is in an apartment just like Roz's - there's a kitchen, dining area, couch - she is not living with her mother.

9th May 2009

Frasier (1993)

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (2) - S8-E2

Corrected entry: Mel is speaking to Niles at their fake engagement party & she refers to Daphne as his Cockney tart, or something similar. Saying Cockney would imply Daphne was from the South of England, more specifically, London. We know this to be untrue as it has been mentioned in numerous other episodes that Daphne is in fact from Manchester, in the Northwest of England. Daphne also has an obvious, and typical, Northern English accent. So for Mel to call her Cockney was inaccurate. On the same theme, the character Simon, Daphne's brother, has an accent that is the complete opposite to Daphne's. He could be called a Cockney and has a strong, but fake, Southern twang. Logically, if the two of them grew up together & he still lives in Manchester (which is established in an episode) there would be no way that he would suddenly pick up a Cockney accent, even if he had lived in the South for a time. Your true accent always comes out when you go home, so to be true to life, Simon should have spoke with a Northern accent. You would think that the casting execs would have seen this pretty glaring error even though it is an American show. It's probably more obvious (and annoying) for British viewers but it's still a mistake none the less.


Correction: A) For Mel to call Daphne a cockney is a character mistake on Mel's part, and she never claimed to be an expert on British dialects, so it's not so hard to believe that she screwed up there. B) The part about Simon's dialect has already been submitted and corrected. He could have lived in the south for a long time, and then decided to keep that dialect when he moved back to Manchester. To say that "Your true accent always comes out when you go home" makes no sense, it depends on how he wanted to speak, and what he considers "home".


Corrected entry: When Debbie is showing the Addamses the slides before she was going to kill them, she only shows two rich husbands and her parents. Yet earlier, Wednesday's friend shows her and Pugsley some trading cards, and he mentions that Debbie had three rich "husbands," all dead. Yes, there's Fester, but the cards aren't that up to date and he's not dead yet.

Correction: So Debbie doesn't show slides of all the people she has murdered, she does a sort of "Best-of-Debbie" slide show.


6th Apr 2004

School of Rock (2003)

Corrected entry: When Rosalie Mullins walks down the corridor approaching Dewey's classroom there are children doing artwork as she walks past, she even comments on the child saying "three at once that is very clever". After she listens in at the classroom door she continues walking down the corridor as we can see her on the CCTV footage the children have set up. In this shot, however, the children are no longer painting where they were before and appear to be through the doors Rosalie is about to walk through.

Correction: The angle on the CCTV camera is placed so that the children in the hallway are out of frame. We can only see Miss Mullins and what is in front of her, not the things that are behind her.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film we learn who Debbie is, but the newscaster mentions that she had a different name and disguise each marriage. Yet at the end when the Addamses are in electric chairs, she says that her husbands said, "Sorry, Debbie."

Correction: That was Debbie doing a very dramatic retelling of what happened, to her next victims (The Addams-es). She just wanted to explain to them how her husband's actions made her feel back then - not to tell every little detail the exact way it actually happened. Imagine how the dramatic effect would have gone down the drain if instead, she had said something like: "He said 'Sorry, Roxy.' That was the name I used at the time, by the way." Her main point is that the guy hurt her. What the guy called her wasn't the focus of the story.


26th Aug 2003

Sister Act (1992)

Corrected entry: During the "My God" number in the proper performance, one of the nuns turns to her right when all the other nuns turn to their lefts, and she looks visibly upset when she turns to face the correct direction. The actress in question appears to glance offscreen, presumably at the director to determine if they should continue, and then sets her face resignedly and continues. The actress playing Sister Mary Robert seems to react slightly as well.


Correction: This is very obviously done for comical reasons. Mary Lazarus is the one who is never quite in sync, and when she realizes that she has turned the wrong way she does a kind of "Oh, no, not again" gesture. Mary Robert's facial expression seems to say something along the lines of "That's Mary Lazarus all right!" This is definitely not a movie mistake.


6th Mar 2005

Sister Act (1992)

Corrected entry: When storming to Vince's office in the beginning of the movie, Deloris was no where near the door (a full 8 seconds away) when Vince made the "Say goodnight, Ernie" statement so she couldn't have heard it, yet when she is talking to the police she includes that in her story.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected.


Corrected entry: The night before the wedding, the three night watchmen are charged with guarding the grounds all night and elect to 'sit on the bench till 2, then to bed'. The next shot is of the main characters having a pre-wedding banquet - with the three night watchmen serving them. After tricking Claudio and the Prince, Borachio drunkenly confesses his act to Conrad in front of the three night watchmen who are back at their post. (00:52:15 - 00:56:20)

Correction: That is the point. The last thing that Dogberry says to them before he leaves (this happens after they declare that they'll stay out until 2) is that there is a party at Leonato's house (because of the wedding on the following day), so of course the guards want to join in on the fun. Then they return to their post outside afterward.


10th Apr 2004

Friends (1994)

Correction: It's not that strange that someone would be in on Thanksgiving. In one episode Chandler and the people in his office had to work on Christmas eve and New Year's eve, so why couldn't the adoption office have someone there on Thanksgiving?


Or the person could have been making a call from their own home if they brought Chandler and Monica's info home with them.

9th Sep 2008

Calendar Girls (2003)

Corrected entry: When Jeb and Gaz are on the big rock, they drink from an empty wine bottle. You can see through it when Jeb takes a swig and then when Gaz takes one and we hear liquid moving in the bottle, when he hands it back to Jeb you can see straight through the glass again and it's completely empty.

Correction: There is some wine in it, then Gaz drinks it all, and hands it back to Jeb who seems annoyed by the fact that Gaz finished the bottle.


6th Apr 2008

Friends (1994)

The One After the Superbowl, part 1 - S2-E12

Corrected entry: At the episode's end, the kids from the library song hour all somehow manage to show up as a group to her coffee shop. But their parents are nowhere to be seen. So, what then - did upwards of a dozen kids, less than 10 years old, all independently call each other, when they only know each other through story hour, and arrange to go to the coffee shop together? What did they do with their parents? Or did they supposedly all bolt from the story hour together, without a single parent following? (00:21:00)

Correction: Some of them are sitting on grown-up's laps as Phoebe sings so some parents probably came with them. The parents who didn't object to the songs could have arranged for some of the children to go together.


6th Mar 2009

House, M.D. (2004)

Season 4 generally

Corrected entry: Doctors can't just randomly work in any department they feel like. Cameron, an immunologist, is not qualified to work in the ER. Chase, on the other hand, is, as he is specialised in emergency medicine, but he works on the surgical staff despite being neither a surgeon nor an anesthesiologist.

Correction: It's stated that Chase works as some kind of assistant in the surgical team, the surgeons are referred to as his bosses. With Chase having his time in House's team on his resumée (House obviously has quite a reputation) he would have no problem getting a job like that. As for Cameron working in the ER, well, not many doctors want to work in busy ERs so they pretty much take what they can get, even doctors that technically aren't qualified (or so my mother tells me, she works in one). Also, again, working with a famous doctor like House gives advantages.


25th Apr 2007

Medium (2005)

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the episode "Whatever Possessed You?" Colleen's doctor tells the district attorney that her sickness doesn't follow the guidelines of normal schizophrenia in that the normal medicines don't help. This gives Allison and DeValas an opening to investigate what is causing her to be ill. Why would she give them such important information when she is in on the ruse?


Correction: The family would probably have found out that the schizophrenia didn't follow the normal guidelines, as they would have tried to find information about the disease when Colleen got ill. Even if they didn't they would have registered that none of the medicine helped. As Devalos is a friend of the family and they might have told him, the doctor probably found that it was best just to tell him herself, so it wouldn't seem like she was hiding something.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, just as Scott Calvin takes over the Santa duties, he visits the house of a little girl named Sarah. Right before Scott rudely asks Sarah if she still wants the doll and flings it into her Christmas tree, Sarah asks Scott why he doesn't look like Santa, why he has no beard, etc. You can easily tell her two front top teeth are missing (loss of baby teeth). However, towards the end of the film and seemingly a year later to the date, Scott (now full blown as Santa Claus) visits Sarah's house again and he is now very kind to her. When she tells him that the milk she left him this time was soy milk, you can easily see her two front top teeth are still missing. Very unlikely a year later.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected - it's unlikely but it sometimes takes that long.


21st Sep 2005

Mr. Bean (1989)

Correction: Well, my father once purchased a hi-fi system that looks as if it needs speakers to produce any sound at all. He bought speakers for it too, but then one day when the speakers broke and he disconnected them, he found out that there was actually sound coming from the box itself, from an integrated speaker at the bottom. Likely Mr. Bean's is the same way.


16th Jan 2009

Gilmore Girls (2000)

Show generally

Corrected entry: Season 6 - Episode 7 ("Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number"): Rory is talking to Logan at her birthday party about how the reverend talked to her about her virginity being a gift. She says that Logan's got that gift now, but that's not true - she lost her virginity to Dean, not to Logan.

Correction: If Rory for some reason wanted Logan to think he was her first boy she made love to even though it's not true, it isn't a mistake, it's a character choice.


I would believe it to be the character misspeaking in the craziness of the story (because surely that is what the reverend believed to be true), but I doubt that Rory was lying to Logan about being a virgin when they met - especially given that Logan actually met Dean the night of the breakup.

29th May 2009

Angels & Demons (2009)

Corrected entry: Boca Davie's comment was interesting and I have an addition to that scene. When Dr. Vetra placed her chin in the cup for the eye scanner and subsequently discovered blood on her chin, she was on the outside of the lab door. When she proceeded, she found the eyeball and the dead scientist inside the lab. If the assassin was let into the lab by the scientist, why did he need the eyeball to get out and if he did need it to get in, how did he get it in the first place if the scientist was inside? All irrelevant: if he somehow gained access and ripped out the eyeball to get out undetected, then the blood should have been on a scanner on the inside of the lab, not the outside.


Correction: Submitted and corrected - the body isn't found inside the secure area.


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