Question: Why didn't the Predator who gets attacked by the face-hugger know? He must have known what had happened to him when he woke up, shouldn't he have killed himself? Or at least let his fellow Predators know before resuming the mission? I understand he needed to stop the Aliens reaching the surface, but surely he should have known or done something.


Chosen answer: The predators are proud creatures, and stubborn. He probably knew but couldn't be 100% sure. He only just killed an alien and marked himself with this trophy, making him victorious in his quest. Killing himself or telling his mates he is incubated right after that achievement is not in a predator's nature.


Additionally I think he would have told the other predators if he hadn't been killed by the alien queen. Before reaching the surface he was probably not in a position to remove the creature from his own chest. Maybe he thought that he would make it to the surface and get it dealt with when he is back in the ship. Instead things took another turn and the alien queen killed him before telling the adults. To be fair, scanning any surviving warriors left after battle, knowing what these creatures do to reproduce, would be a good standard procedure for the predator race in my opinion. But they apparently don't.

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