The Godfather: Part II mistake picture

Other mistake: When Hyman Roth's assassin runs at the airport, he is turning around with one (of two) bullet holes already in his jacket before the sound of any gunfire. (03:10:50)


17th Dec 2019

Midway (1976)

Continuity mistake: When Eddie Arnold's plane crashes (using stock footage) the aviator in the cockpit is wearing no headgear. When he is being pulled from the plane, he is wearing headgear. (01:52:13)


22nd Mar 2016

M*A*S*H (1972)

M*A*S*H mistake picture

Give and Take - S11-E14

Factual error: During this episode, Sergent Klinger gives a Hershey Chocolate Bar with Almonds (although the 'Hershey' name is obliterated on the bulk box as well as the bar itself, there is no doubt as to what it is) to a wounded North Korean soldier, who accepts it and turns it upside down, revealing a Universal Product Code bar code. Bar codes were not used on products until some 20 years later. (00:12:20)


8th Mar 2016

Red Tails (2012)

Continuity mistake: The scene shot when Lt. "Lightning" Little first goes to meet Sophia was also shot at the same time as when Capt. "Easy" Julian arrives to tell Sophia of Lightning's death. The jeep is the same jeep, parked in the same exact spot; even the laundry on the line is exactly the same. (00:23:05 - 01:56:00)


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