Heather Benton

19th May 2020

Death in Paradise (2011)

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Suggested correction: As someone having to wear such a mask I can only say that from time to time you do not wear it - it is not a very comfortable thing to do. Especially if one is drunk as Cedrik, he may have skipped wearing the mask that night. So I would not count it as a mistake.

As a fellow mask wearer myself, agreed. Its entirely plausible with Cedrik being that intoxicated he just simply didn't put his mask on.

Ssiscool Premium member

12th Feb 2016

False Hare (1964)

Other mistake: When the Big Bad Wolf is demonstrating to Bugs how to ring the bell properly (so the trap works), his hand lands on the side of the bell instead of the top, yet the trap still works and the bell still dings.

Heather Benton Premium member

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