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11th Oct 2006

Orgazmo (1997)

Corrected entry: When Lisa comes back to Joe's flat to talk to him about the argument, she puts her suitcase on the ground next to the door. But when Joe comes back later in the evening, her suitcase is no longer outside. Where did it go?

Correction: Somebody leaves a suitcase outside a door, and then wonder where it went? People steal things all the time if left unattended. It could also be that someone thought it was garbage and threw it away, there's tons of reasons a suitcase would not still be by the door a few hours later.

Correction: When Lisa goes back to the apartment, she puts the case down on the left-hand side of the door outside (she's carrying it in her left hand and puts it down with her left hand), and it's possibly still there when Joe comes back that night, but it would not be readily visible because when Joe walks in, only the right-hand side is shown behind him. Also, the fact that he calls for her indicates the case is still there, but he's confused as to why it's outside.

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14th Jan 2019

Stan & Ollie (2018)

Corrected entry: When Stan and Ollie are about to do the "At the Ball, That's All" dance outside Mickey Finn's at the start, they are facing the camera with Mickey Finn's behind them and they start doing the dance whilst the camera is rolling. When the audience are watching them do the dance in the movie at the cinema, they are now facing Mickey Finn's with a projection screen behind them, just like in the actual movie.

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Correction: I'm correcting my own mistake after looking at videos again of the scene in question - I was wrong in my recollection. Stan and Ollie are actually in front of the projection screen when the camera starts rolling and not Mickey Finn's.

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12th Oct 2005

BASEketball (1998)

Corrected entry: When Jenna and the sick kids are in the taxi, they ask the driver if he can go faster. He then puts on a helmet and it goes to a shot of animals being hit. But in the rear view mirror you can see he has no helmet.

Correction: The guy in the rear view mirror is not the taxi driver - he's the driver who hits all the animals in "Road Kill: Caught on Tape", which Coop watches earlier on, which is why he has no helmet on, but the taxi driver does.

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Corrected entry: When Chet is water skiing, when he stops and is waiving to the crowd (before falling into the water), you can hear someone say "John Candy ladies and gentlemen".

Correction: I watched this scene with the subtitles on, and the commentator actually says "What a great show, what a champion."

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