30th Apr 2021

Stowaway (1936)

Stupidity: When Zoe and Davis climbs to the Kingfisher rocket, to get Oxygen, there's no safety lines attached to them or any equipment. Their experience taken into account, this would never ever happen. (01:18:42 - 01:35:18)


21st Sep 2018

Hitman (2007)

Continuity mistake: When 47 checks his escape rope, hanging from the balcony railing, the balcony is made of concrete. When he uses the rope, the balcony railing is made of a metal grid. (00:10:00 - 00:19:25)


21st Dec 2015

The Judge (2014)

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the storm, a trashcan is blown down the street, by the wind. Most of the leaves, lying in the road, are not moving though. (01:28:05)


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