4th May 2019

Taken (2008)

Continuity mistake: When Brian takes the picture of Kim at her birthday party the background doesn't match the background of the picture after he gets it developed.


4th Apr 2019

Falling Down (1993)

Continuity mistake: When the gangbangers wreck their car after the drive by shooting, the gun changes position on the ground, the gym bag changes position, and some debris is missing between cuts.


14th Mar 2019

Jack Reacher (2012)

Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene in Jeb's car after Sandy is killed, Jeb's left rear tail light and front right fog light go from working to not working to working again over and over.


7th Aug 2017

Road House (1989)


Continuity mistake: When Dalton rips the guy's throat out, he wipes his hand on his pants and no blood is on his hand or pants, the next cut shows him looking at his hand full of blood.


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