Carl Andrews

9th Dec 2015

American Sniper (2014)

Other mistake: When Chris Kyle is celebrating his daughters Birthday party at the end of the movie he comes from inside the house and out to the back yard, While he is talking to his wife and watching a dog play with his son, after a minute it looks as if the dog is attacking his son and he gets up to stop the dog. As he gets up you can see that his pants are wet and that he has grass stains on his knees from the previous takes. During the actual scene he is on his knees with a belt to stop the dog when his wife yells at him to stop.

Carl Andrews

29th Oct 2015

Bridge of Spies (2015)

Factual error: When the U2 pilots are in Pakistan and get to see the plane they will be flying, they open the hanger doors and in the background there is either an F-5 or T-38 aircraft taxiing out on the tarmac. The Air force did not take delivery of these aircraft until 1961. The U2 shoot down over the Soviet Union took place in May of 1960.

Carl Andrews

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