Corrected entry: Freeze says that the Ice Age killed the dinosaurs. Of course this is untrue, but done to show how mad Freeze has become.

Correction: In addition to Lummie's entry, given that Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze has a degree/doctorate in cryogenics and medicinal research it is understood with his educational background he would have known full well that the Ice Age arrived way after the dinosaurs were already extinct; he was simply expressing some black comedy as the icy villain that he is.


Correction: Freeze could have believed that the Ice age did kill the dinosaurs. Even if he did knew that if it wasn't the ice age that killed the dinosaurs this comes down to a character mistake not a film mistake.

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29th May 2007

Batman and Robin (1997)

Correction: There's no actual proof that George Clooney ever said he would refund the ticket price to anyone who asked. He has said a great many other disparaging remarks about the movie in official interviews, but never this. This is one of those apocryphal rumors that gets passed around without anything resembling a source and if it's kept here, it should be mentioned as such.

Correction: As per what George Clooney actually did only expressed his disgust at the movie so much that he JOKINGLY offered a refund to those who already paid to watch the movie in theatres; he never meant it literally. This had been one of the best-known urban legends and misquotations attributed to the actor.


Corrected entry: Batman couldn't possibly have his own credit card. Obtaining a credit card requires proof of identification and a billing address, neither of which Batman would submit for obvious reasons. Nor would it be a credit card that he issued himself through Wayne Enterprises because the credit card company would see that a Wayne Enterprises Corporate credit card was used at a charity event that was attended by Batman and would subsequently reveal his secret identity (not to mention that Batman intends on using the card for a $7 million purchase, which is not a price anyone is going to turn a blind eye to), which is not something Batman would risk. And although the Bat-credit card may be a jokey reference to the 60s TV series, Batman still demonstrates his intent on using the card to secure his bid for a date with Poison Ivy, which means that in the context of the film, the credit card is functional.

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Correction: In a world where Batman would actually carry his own Bat-Card it must then be that Bruce Wayne started his own bank with the sole purpose of providing credit to Batman. It being his bank, he can decide whom to lend to, with or without the standard identifying information.

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Correction: Granted that the movie takes place in the real-time calendar year 1997; keep in mind that major federal banking laws were not enforced too seriously at the time, plus this was the time way before the USA Patriot Act was created and strictly enforced after the September 11 terrorist attacks. I can understand that even if Bruce Wayne did manage to have his own bank and provided a line of credit to Batman still like everyone else he had to submit to US federal banking laws (FCRA, ECOA and the like.) Let alone the general public will find it too suspicious why a private citizen would give a line of credit to a superhero in the first place. Either way, it's all within the DC World fantasy.


I would be too young to remember, but prior to online shopping, weren't people usually required to present their ID when making a credit card purchase? When I had my first job, if someone was making a purchase with the credit card, our boss required us to check their ID. I mean, if I was holding a fundraiser and someone pledged $1 million, I would want them to provide valid ID in case they decided to welch on the payment.

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