David George

14th Jul 2022

Apollo 13 (1995)

Question: What was the point of temporarily shutting down every electrical system in the command module?

3rd Jun 2004

Star Wars (1977)

Question: While perusing an art book on this movie I came across several foreign movie posters where the Death Star is shown with the laser dish in the southern hemisphere rather than the northern (almost as if it were upside down). Anyone know why this is?

Answer: Judging from the movies, the laser doesn't seem to have much of an aiming system so the whole Death Star might need to rotate so the dish faces its target and in some cases this could mean needing to be "upside down". Just a hunch.

Phil Watts

Wouldn't an upside-down Death Star be problematic for the countless amount of Stormtroopers, Imperial officers etc. on it?

No more than for any other large planetary body. Either artificial gravity or it's large enough to create its own.

No, as demonstrated on the Millenium Falcon and star destroyers, the Star Wars universe has a some form of artificial gravity.

David George

28th Nov 2017

General questions

Several times I've only seen the ending of this movie. A man goes to an abandoned construction site at night to rescue a woman and her son who have been abducted. When he gets there, he sees little robotic machines. The kidnapper tells him that the machines won't attack him and he goes to the top of the site. When he gets up there and confronts the kidnapper, he's told that the machines will attack and kill the first person that appears on the ground floor. A fight ensues and the kidnapper gets knocked to ground level and is killed by his own machines.

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