18th Apr 2022

Adam-12 (1968)

Credit Risk - S7-E10

Other mistake: Reed is running license plate numbers over the police scanner, looking for a hit-and-run culprit. The plate number he is looking for comes back on the radio as owned by a woman and is on a tan 1974 Ford sedan, but when the officers go to the woman's house and see the damaged car with that license plate, it's not a tan Ford, but a tan 1974 Chevrolet Caprice.


Other mistake: At the end of the show when the misfit toys are being delivered, the elf in Santa's sleigh gives an umbrella to each of the misfits so they can glide down with the exception of the bird, who jumps off, apparently forgetting that he is a misfit toy and can't fly; as he stated earlier in the show, he can only swim.


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