Factual error: Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane crashed in the early evening in October 1977. Injured crash survivor Artimus Pyle, tended to the severely injured people and later was able to walk through the swamp and the woods in the dark to get help, but in the movie when the plane crashes and Pyle's search for help it's a bright sunny day.


Factual error: During the drag racing part of the film, they show an orange Plymouth lining up to race a red 57 Chevy. When the back of the Plymouth comes into view you can see a Direct Connection license plate with a Mopar logo on it. Chrysler's Direct connection line didn't exist in 1964, and the red white and blue Mopar logo wasn't around until 1972.


Factual error: At the start of John Milner's story, they show the drag strip from the air and begin zooming in on the track. On the outside of the tracks fence is a maroon 1966 Pontiac Lemans/GTO, a green 1966-69 Rambler American, and a white post-1967 VW Beetle, none of which were around in 1964.


22nd Feb 2017

Seinfeld (1990)

The Little Kicks - S8-E4

Factual error: When George tells Jerry about his date with Anna, he says he is picking her up in his father's 1968 GTO, but the car he is leaning on in the park is a 1967 GTO, which has a completely different body style.


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Suggested correction: We could easy chalk this up to George simply being wrong, which he likely is, given that he doesn't usually drive the car or try to act like a badass, and he's just faking for a woman.


28th Feb 2016

Patton (1970)

Factual error: As Patton and his men drive into Palermo, they are greeted by throngs of people on either side of the road, who are obviously hired extras, as they have newer hairstyles and are dressed in modern (for 1970) clothes.


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