17th Feb 2006

Octopussy (1983)

Continuity mistake: When Bond's Mercedes is on the railroad tracks, it is hit head on by an oncoming train. As it is shown sailing in the air backwards, it is very clear that the drive-train has been removed. When the car is shown again, it is now sailing nose first as it hits the water.

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Suggested correction: The drive-train hasn't been removed, it's just damage to the car from being hit by the larger and more powerful train. Surely a head-on crash would with a train wouldn't just leave a few scratches on the front of the car.

Look at pictures of cars hit at high speeds; the drivetrain does not just fall out, everything forward would have compacted towards the firewall of the car, and the rear differential is attached in many places on the chassis and certainly wouldn't have just disappeared.


1st Jul 2003

Logan's Run (1976)

Corrected entry: In the shiny robot's ice lair, Jenny Agutter and Michael York strip off their wet clothes and you can see that Jenny Agutter wasn't wearing any underwear, but when they put their clothes back on and start running away from the robot, Jenny slips and falls over and you can see that she is wearing underwear. (01:09:55)

Correction: Incorrect. In the scene where they strip off their wet clothes, if you look closely, you can see that Agutter is wearing dark green panties, though obviously, no bra. This is consistent later.

When Logan and Jessica arrive at Box's lair, Jessica has sheer green stockings, which she takes off with her dress. She is nude at that point; you can see her rear end as she puts on the furs. When she puts the green dress back on, she does not put on her stockings. Later shots of her falling and ducking when she is in the woods show her wearing white underwear under her dress.


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