Factual error: 747's do not have overhead crawl spaces.

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Suggested correction: I was just looking at the overhead crawl space in a Lufthansa 747 at Am Technik Museum in Speyer, Germany. There is space.

There is a very small space above the ceiling panels that does 1 not match the move, 2 would never hold the weight of a person.

New this week Regarding your 2nd point, Grant and the team are not stepping on the ceiling panels. Rat even makes a mention to Grant telling him that if he does, he will fall right through.


27th Aug 2001

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Other mistake: When Mr. Blonde is torturing the cop he is listening to the radio (Stuck In the Middle With You). However, when Mr. Orange shoots and kills Mr. Blonde the radio mysteriously shuts off.

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Suggested correction: The radio doesn't shut off, it is just difficult to hear over the shouting in the scene.

No. The music turns off. Soon as Mr. Blonde is executed, there is no shouting. It is almost deathly quiet as we watch Mr. Orange still holding the gun, and Mr. Blonde fall to the floor. This mistake is a valid entry.


Corrected entry: Alex Summers, AKA Havok, is the younger brother of Scott Summers [Cyclops] and is a teenager in the film. Yet in the 90s, when the first X-men was set, Scott was still a teenager when the Cuban missile crisis occurred in 1962, so 30 years between events.

Correction: Scott and Alex are brothers in the comics yes, but it is never explicitly stated that they are supposed to be brothers in the movies. They have the same last name, but no further details are given, therefore, no mistake.

S. Ha

It is stated 2 movies later in X-Men: Apocalypse that Scott and Alex are indeed brothers.


Yes, but they simply decided to make Alex the older brother instead. Changes from the source material aren't considered mistakes, so the original submission is still invalid.

Phaneron Premium member

26th Mar 2009

X-Men (2000)

Question: During the Statue of Liberty scene, Magneto is clearly seen to be manipulating the copper inside the statue to bind and tie up the X-Men. How can this be? I thought magnetism wouldn't work on a non ferromagnetic metal.


Chosen answer: True, but Magneto's power is not EXACTLY the same as magnetism. He can manipulate ANY metal, ferrous and non-ferrous alike. It's just handy to refer to it as "magnetism".


Answer: Well if he can control ANY metal...why did he have to wait for the guard to be injected with iron? Couldn't he take iron out of food or water? Or even his own body?

The way he took iron out of the Guard, that seemed very painful and it looks like the guard did not survive. So, taking it out of his own body would not have been the smartest of decisions. He needed to wait for the guard to be injected so he could have enough iron to take out to then turn into a weapon, and transportation.


29th Dec 2005

Collateral (2004)

Question: About how long would Annie's cab ride in the beginning of the movie have taken in real time?

Answer: From LAX to Downtown, about 40 minutes to an hour. Depending on the traffic getting out of the airport and heading to downtown.

Jane Doe

Living in LA all my life, I can tell you the drive can be made in 20 minutes, without speeding. This is of course given light traffic conditions, which seems to be the case in the movie. Heavy traffic will add time of course, I'd say 45-50 mins at the most. (A quick Google Maps search just put the drive at 22 mins).


Corrected entry: After Mola Rom tears a man's heart out, the man is lowered in the molten pit. The man's chest is visible and has no hole or mark where his heart was taken.

Correction: True, but the man also is still alive after getting his heart ripped out of his chest and the heart is beating. Obviously something "supernatural" is going on.

shortdanzr Premium member

Also, we do see the hole close, and somewhat heal itself, on screen.


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