20th Sep 2015

Jessie (2011)


Show generally

Other mistake: In the end of the title sequence, Jessie walks outside. Before exiting, you can see that she is just a little bit taller than the doorway, but her head passes through the frame as she walks forwards.


1st Sep 2015

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

That Sinking Feeling - S8-E1

Squidward: [Muttering angrily from inside his house.]
Spongebob: Aww, Squidward's house sounds like it has an upset tummy.
Patrick: Must have been something that it ate.
Squidward: [Opens door.]
Spongebob: [Points at Squidward.] It ate Squidward.
Patrick: That'll do it.


Trivia: The two surfer dudes eating Krabby Patties after Spongebob and his friends appear, are Lloyd Ahlquist and Peter Shukoff, the creators of the internet series "Epic Rap Battles of History." They were also the writers and performers of the rap battle before the credits.


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