20th Jul 2019

Community (2009)

Cooperative Calligraphy - S2-E8

Character mistake: Right before Jeff searches Abed's bag, Britta explains to the group that Abed is the innocent one. After Jeff reminds her that Abed put gum in her hair, she looks at no-one in particular and says "empty the bag, Abed." Jeff is the only one holding the bag, with Abed standing five feet away from both of them. It's clear this line was directed to Jeff, but the wrong name was used.


6th Jun 2016

Chowder (2007)

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Suggested correction: The tray had more than 6, even if it was drawn to look like just 6, they could have been stacked on top of each other. Later when they're dumped in the fire, you can see more than 6 go in. Plus at that point we don't know how much Chowder was selling them for since it was after Mung Daal (while in disguise) paid more than 5 dollops for one.


30th Nov 2015

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

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