21st Apr 2021

Training Day (2001)

Question: After the incident at Roger's, where an officer was shot, both Jake and Alonzo are back out on the street in a very short time. One would think they'd be tied up giving started m statements, etc, for the rest of the day, and put onto leave after such a dramatic situation. How is it that they are back in action such a short time after an incident of that magnitude?


Answer: Maybe your point (which is an interesting one) should be transformed into a "common movie mistake"? Police officers, undercover officers, etc. spend little, if any, on-screen time writing reports (arrests, evidence seized, etc.), but report writing and other paperwork consumes a lot of the officers' time in real life. Also, they should be given desk-jobs after killing a suspect but are right back on the street.


30th Mar 2021

The Equalizer (2014)

Stupidity: When he's using carbon monoxide to poison the corrupt detective Frank Masters, the windows in the car were operated by the key fob. Unusual, but OK. Maybe. But the detective could've simply opened the doors after McCaul left him in there. The door worked when he was forced into the car. (01:24:30)


20th Mar 2021

The Guest (2014)

Stupidity: Do the military routinely show up at a civilian's house and then pump thousands of rounds into the house without even verifying if anyone is inside? I've heard of suspension of disbelief, but this scene requires driving it to a vacant lot and abandoning it. (01:11:30)


11th Mar 2021

Let Him Go (2020)

Audio problem: When George pulls the pistol and pointed it the first Weeboy, he cocks it, and we hear the cocking sound. Then he immediately turns to point it at another Weeboy and the already-cocked revolver makes another cocking sound. (01:17:00)


17th Dec 2020

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Question: Why is it that the machines they used to fight back didn't try to attack the humans? The military vehicle had a .50 cal machine gun that shot AT them, but their guns seemed to work just fine.


Answer: It should be noted, the ending title cards seems to set it up so there are no plot holes and answers any "why" questions (which, intentional or not by King, can be debated). While the opening premise is the comet's close pass by Earth caused all machines to turn on people, at the end, the Russians blew up a UFO 2 days later, suggesting that it was the aliens controlling the machines. Bill suggests aliens are trying to wipe out humanity (although at that point he's just guessing and had no evidence of an alien or UFO present), but it can be debated the actual premise was that aliens were just testing or experimenting on people.


Answer: The movie is infamous for its plot holes, among them this one, and "How come cars didn't start attacking people"? From the story point of view we can surmise that the M60 is part of the vehicle's structure, while hand-held weaponry stay inert.

Jukka Nurmi

10th Dec 2020

Fargo (1996)

Question: After kidnapping Mrs Lundegaard, the kidnappers return to Brainerd where they get pulled over and it all falls apart. My question is... Why do they return to Brainerd? They end up keeping her in a cabin near the twin cities metro area. So they drive down to the cities from Brainerd, kidnap her, return to Brainerd where they're pulled over, and then return again to the cities to lie low in a cabin. So why make that initial return to Brainerd? They likely had the cabin arranged in advance.


Answer: I was confused and questioned why things occurred in certain places - Fargo vs. Brainerd vs. Minneapolis vs. The cabin's location, identified as Moose Lake near the end of the movie. Other than the beginning barroom meeting in Fargo between Jerry and Carl/Gaear, I didn't see the significance of Fargo. Jerry and his wife (kidnapping victim) lived in Minneapolis. The murders took place in Brainerd, and Chief of Police Margie eventually investigated some leads in Minneapolis. We don't know where the kidnappers planned on holding Mrs. Lundegaard. IF the kidnappers were from Fargo or even Brainerd, they may have been planning on taking her to one of their homes and were in the process of driving there when pulled over by Brainerd Police. No one was supposed to get hurt, but the murders occurred and their plan was no longer going as expected. Instead of continuing to a home, it may now have made more sense to "hide" somewhere to avoid getting caught. Moose Lake could have been chosen.


This change in plans would mean they did NOT already have the cabin rented. Maybe Carl or Gaear owned it, but didn't initially intend to use it because they were not really committing a kidnapping and preferred to go home.


1st Dec 2020

Fargo (1996)

Other mistake: When Jerry returns home to find that Jean has been kidnapped, he sees the shower curtain rod that's loaded with rings, and there are more rings on the floor. There's way too many rings for a single shower curtain that would use 12 or so at the very most.


11th Dec 2019

The Fugitive (1993)

Question: Where does Kimble's money come from? We only see him get whatever pocket money Nichols had on him at the time, but the next thing we see, he's renting an apartment and living his life and starting his investigation. Is the assumption that the wealthy doctor had a stash of cash at home or something?


Answer: The assumption is actually that Nichols gave him quite a bit of money. When asked about how much money he gave Kimble, Nichols downplays the amount as just "pocket change, whatever I had on me" but in reality it was probably a few hundred dollars. Renting the room was probably only a few dollars a day, it was in an un-finished basement in a bad neighborhood. He also didn't live there for very long.


24th Feb 2019

Patriots Day (2016)

Question: How were the brothers able to steal the second car, after their hostage escaped? Or was that their car? They just jumped in and drove away with no apparent time or effort spent.


19th Dec 2016

Lone Survivor (2013)

Revealing mistake: When Mark Wahlberg removes the shrapnel from his leg, it is pretty obvious that it is a fake leg. If you look at and compare its dimensions to the rest of his body, you can see that that would be the leg of a giant man. The thigh is way too long, and the whole leg is way too big for his body. You can also tell by his body posture that his real leg goes into the couch he is sitting on.


10th Apr 2015

Red Dawn (1984)

Revealing mistake: Early in the film, when the boys shoot the deer - there is no actual shot that comes out of the shotgun. He pulls the gun back, simulating a shot, and the Sound FX is perfectly placed, but there is no shot coming out of that gun.


15th Jan 2015

Four Brothers (2005)

Revealing mistake: After the car chase, the authorities are seen carrying away two body bags that are clearly empty. The men show no strain at all in carrying the bodies, and the bags even look empty. But if they were, they'd just be folded up and taken by one person.


23rd Dec 2014

Elysium (2013)

Question: The method of identifying citizens by a "tattoo" burned into their arm seems awfully prehistoric for such an advanced environment. The government would "know" the number of legit citizens and would know that the black market citizens were fake, right?


Chosen answer: There is virtually no system in the world that is completely foolproof when it comes to regulating a large scale system related to identification. We only know the tattoo are for certain services. There might be more high tech security features for more restricted areas. As for whether they have an accurate count of all their citizens, they might, but again, how you go about regulating these systems is generally the tougher part. At the end of the day people required special transports to even reach Elysium, so it might have not been as big a concern.

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