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Corrected entry: Speaking of the insane rocket scheme: 30,000 feet is hardly "the icy cold of space" as Mr. Freeze described it to the trapped Batman. In fact, several species of birds are known to fly in the 23-27,000 foot range when migrating. Their hearts certainly don't "freeze and beat no more", else we'd probably hear a lot about all the property damage that frozen birds cause each year as they die and plummet five miles to earth. (00:10:05)

Correction: 30,000 feet is almost 6 miles high... higher than Mt Everest. Generally air temperature drops about 5 degrees celsius for every 1000 feet climbed... well below freezing. While there have been reports of migratory birds at elevations of 29,000 feet, the temperature would depend on the surface conditions in that area, not to mention wind conditions. Considering it's nighttime in Gotham, the air temperature at 30,000 feet would likely be well under freezing. As to whether it's the "icy cold of space," well, Mr Freeze is prone to hyperbole.

JC Fernandez

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