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Corrected entry: When Michael is about to reveal E.T. to Mary ("Remember the goblin?"), the camera dollies back through the hallway, past a large potted plant. The plant is moving because the camera (or the crewmember operating the camera) brushed against it.

JC Fernandez

Correction: There are several better explanations for the slight movement of the plant including the characters brushing past it or a breeze.

Corrected entry: When the weasels break through the wall into Toontown, one of them pulls out a brick and says "Toontown is on the other side of the wall, boss." When he says this, he lets the brick go, and it continues to float in mid-air above the hole.

JC Fernandez

Correction: This is by design and plays upon the long history of cartoon characters breaking the laws of physics for comical effect.

Corrected entry: If we are to believe Picard's comment that Doctor Soong was being whimsical in naming the prototype android "B-4," then we must accept that Doctor Soong had some foreknowledge of the future - he had to have known it would work and he would be constructing other androids. It's akin to finding a coin stamped "100 B.C."

JC Fernandez

Correction: If Soong chooses to name a prototype "B-4", he's not mystically foretelling the future, he's merely displaying a (justifiable) degree of confidence in his own ability, telling himself that it's going to work. And, given that B-4 is the prototype, of course his eventual goal would be to build further models. What else does one do after creating a successful prototype? This is nothing more than confidence and Soong's whimsical sense of humour.

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