JC Fernandez

9th Nov 2009

Poltergeist (1982)

Factual error: During the climax of the film, coffins from the cemetery below rise out of the ground. Only problem: they're rising vertically. Coffins are laid horizontally.

JC Fernandez

Trivia: In the commentary on the episode "Pegasus," Ron Moore states that behind the scenes, Number Six had been nicknamed "Gina" in response to the derogatory nickname critics had labeled the series - GINO (for "Galactica In Name Only). For Razor, the Number Six model aboard the Pegasus was eventually named Gina on-screen.

JC Fernandez

30th Oct 2007

General questions

There was a film I used to see in school in the early 80's with a "Back to the Future" element. It was about a teen aged girl who had differences with her mother. One day she woke up (on the subway?), and she had travelled back in time to where she meets her teen mother. Slowly, she comes to realize that her mom is not all that different from her. There was a desk with a secret compartment her mom hid things in, which the girl uses to confirm her experience wasn't just a dream. And I recall the time travel episode ended with an air raid siren going off. Anyone know the title?

JC Fernandez

Chosen answer: "ABC Afterschool Specials" My Mother Was Never a Kid (1981).

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