Continuity mistake: As the students are departing the Room of Requirement and all thanking Harry, the group of students around Harry completely changes between shots. It's especially noticeable as the boy with shoulder-length brown hair passes Harry twice. (01:01:55)


Question: This applies to all the movies and books. Why is Dumbledore the only one Voldemort ever feared?


Chosen answer: Because Dumbledore is extremely powerful and utterly unintimidated by Voldemort. Voldemort, while extremely powerful himself, relies on fear to weaken any opposition to him - through fear, he gains a measure of control. Dumbledore, who has no fear of his ex-student, stands as a strong opponent who cannot be weakened through psychological tactic - as such, Voldemort fears him.

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Answer: In addition, Dumbledore has a reputation of defeating powerful dark wizards, such as his defeat of Grindelwald, who yielded the elder wand.

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