29th Oct 2014

The Karate Kid (2010)

Question: A few questions. 1. Why does everyone stare at Dre after he claps for Meiying for her performance? 2. Why is she told by her parents her and Dre can't be friends anymore? 3. Are there tournaments in China like the one in this movie? 4. Was this filmed in China at all?


Chosen answer: 1. It was unexpected. In China, not clapping is considered a compliment. 2. They feel Dre is a distraction. 3. Yes. There are martial arts tournaments in China as depicted in the film. 4. Yes. The scenes which feature the Forbidden City, Wudang Mountain, and the Great Wall were filmed on location.


28th Oct 2014

The Karate Kid (1984)

Question: How old is Danny supposed to be? And why in the scene were Daniel is out to eat with his mom after seeing the karate place that Johnny is in, why do they come out point to him laugh and run away?


Chosen answer: Daniel is 15. He turns 16 just before the tournament. Remember that the cobra kais hate Daniel. So the fact that he had the audacity to show up at their dojo and is then spotted eating with his "mommy" amuses them. They run away because they wanted to be ready on their bikes to get him when he left the restaurant.

Gavin Jackson

No, he was 17, turning 18 in the film (note his line "kid's legal now, huh?") Remember, Karate Kid II is the summer after part 1, where Daniel is going off to college in the Fall (or would have been).

This answer can't be accurate. When Daniel says "Kid's legal now", he meant he can now drive meaning he was 16. Just the same, he was able to fight a year later in the tournament in part 3, in which case he'd be 17. So he couldn't be 17 in part 1 or he would not qualify to enter in part 3 (being 18).

Answer: There definitely seems to be confusion about his age. Initially he was born in 1968, making him 15 turning 16 just before the tournament. When Mr. Miyagi celebrates Daniel's birthday, you can see the cake has 16 candles. However, in Karate Kid 3, which is meant to be set the following school year, Daniel is in college, so they retconned his birthday to 1966 (December 18, 1966 is his). This of course means Daniel was over 18 when fighting in the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championship.


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