17th Aug 2007

The Abyss (1989)

Corrected entry: When Lindsay is being revived after Bud towed her back to Deepcore, I understand why the CPR being done isn't exactly correct (due to the fact the actress isn't really dead) but the filmmaker neglected to notice that when the crew proceeds to shock Lindsay, she is wet and on a metal floor. Not only would she be shocked, the entire crew around her would be shocked as well.


Correction: Tests on the dangers of shocking a patient on a wet or metal surface have been conducted and test prove there is no significant danger, as long as you are not touching the body that is being shocked (but that's standard safety protocol). A maximum of 3.0 volts was recorded around the simulated patient when sea water was used (compared to a maximum of 0.12 V with chlorinated pool water). It was their findings that it is unlikely these voltages would cause a risk or be considered hazardous to a rescuer or bystander and the rescuer or bystander would not be exposed to any hazardous voltages.


Correction: The shock doesn't travel that far.

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