18th Jul 2009

Eagle Eye (2008)

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when ARIA gives a 36% match to the terrorist being tracked, one of the Soldiers throws a small prop driven UAV to get visual identification. Before visual identification is attempted, the screen at the NMCC already states a 51% match BEFORE the visual identification is compiled by the computer and then told to the SECDEF. ARIA didn't change the match percentage until AFTER she ran the visual identification program.


7th Jun 2009

Space Camp (1986)

Continuity mistake: When Kevin and Kathrine go to the launch pad we see the shuttle on the pad all lit up. When the camera zooms out to show us Kevin and Kathrine in the Jeep, the shuttle is no longer on the launch pad.


31st Mar 2009

Son in Law (1993)

Continuity mistake: Crawl is thrown into the manure pile and his hat falls off. Then Theo throws the pitchfork at him and the top tine makes a hole in his hat. Watch the shot closely: the tine on the fork at the top of the screen definitely makes a hole. Later in the day, there in no sign of the hole. Even in the next scene when Crawl is feeding the pigs, the hole is not there. And I can tell you from experience that a pitchfork tine leaves a hole big enough to notice.


3rd Nov 2007

The 6th Day (2000)

Continuity mistake: When Drucker jumps from the roof onto the glass at the end(to avoid the rotors of the Whisper Craft), the establishing shot shows him on the last panel of glass next to the wall. However when you see Drucker fall from the inside shot, he falls from the middle of the glass roof and no wall is seen anywhere near him. (01:51:50)


Continuity mistake: In the shot where we see the bar (for the very first time) they are going to, you can see the background is flat, kind of like the building is on a flat area of land with nothing behind it. At the end of the film we see not only a giant ditch but also the trucks from over the years piled up behind the bar.


11th Oct 2005

Sahara (2005)

Continuity mistake: When the Admiral's friend from the CIA leaves after pouring the water for the bad guy at the restaurant, he gets on the elevator and takes his tie off. When the angle changes to the bottle of water and the elevator goes down, his tie is back on.


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