Hermias Nieuwoudt

Other mistake: In the beginning, when Goob falls asleep, he misses the catch, by almost a foot or so. At the end of the movie when Lewis calls out to Goob, the ball lands on his head, and drops into his hand. Since Lewis didn't alter the timeline to where Goob is standing, (as to the part of not inventing the helping hat) Goop should have been in the same spot.

Hermias Nieuwoudt

22nd Oct 2014

Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)

Other mistake: In the scene after Trybalt has cut off Bennie's hat, Gnomeo warns Trybalt of the wall. When the lawnmower hits the rock and he flies towards it, if you follow his trajectory, he should go over the wall. But in the next shot, he slams into it.

Hermias Nieuwoudt

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