Jay Runkle

Factual error: A NYC subway scene depicts what appears to be either an R-44, or an R-46 series subway car, carrying a red "2" route designation. The 2 is a former Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT) line, which is currently designated as the NYC Transit's "A" division, the trains of which are about a foot narrower than those of the "B" division, and the train shown is of the latter division. The former Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit (BMT) lines, as well as those of the Independent Subway System (IND), which make up the "B" division, are lettered rather than numbered, and the trains of that division cannot operate on "A" division lines due to their size.

Jay Runkle

22nd Mar 2016

Money Train (1995)

Plot hole: When Charlie sets out to hijack the money train, he jumps off the platform onto the tracks as it arrives, in plain sight of the driver and other passengers at the station, and only puts his mask on once he's in position on the tracks. The train conveniently stops right over top of Charlie, allowing him to enter through the conveniently-placed grate on the train's floor.

Jay Runkle

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