18th Feb 2022

Live and Let Die (1973)

Live and Let Die mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The scene where Bond leaves the voodoo shop to tail the car. He hails a cab. As the cab draws up, we briefly see the cabbie in the front, who does not have long sideburns/mutton chops. However, shortly afterwards when the cabbie starts talking to Bond, and we see him more, it is a different actor (Arnold Williams), who has noticeably long sideburns. The driver has changed.


For Your Eyes Only mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The escape scene from Gonzalez's villa. Bond uses a sun umbrella as a parachute. The camera shows Bond jumping, under the opened umbrella. At that point, the umbrella canopy doesn't have any bullet holes in it. Bond reaches the ground, lets go of the umbrella and runs. The camera cuts to the guard on the ledge above about to fire at the umbrella. He hasn't yet fired any bullets, but in the next shot there are suddenly already bullet holes in the canopy before the guard actually begins firing.


5th Mar 2021

Hustle (2004)

Hustle mistake picture

The Last Gamble - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: The scene where Danny is lying on the sofa in the flat listening to music. Stacey throws down an envelope of money onto his chest. The banknotes spill considerably out of the envelope in the first shot. Two shots later and without either Danny or Stacey having touched the money, the banknotes are mysteriously tucked back inside the envelope.


11th Oct 2019

The Sopranos (1999)

The Sopranos mistake picture

A Hit is a Hit - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: The scene where Hesh and Massive Genius are sitting down and drinking. Massive Genius has just requested that Hesh pay reparations money. Paulie then steps forwards, aggressively demanding "or what?" Behind him, Chris is standing by the white pillar. However, two shots and 2 seconds later, when the camera cuts back to Tony's holding Paulie back, Chris has completely disappeared from the veranda - he is neither behind Paulie or Silvio.


5th Oct 2015

Slaughter High (1986)

Slaughter High mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the introductory scene, when Carol tells Marty she is wet all over, we see that Marty is wearing black underwear. In the very next shot the underwear has disappeared.


From Dusk Till Dawn mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The scene where the vampires in the Titty Twister bar start devouring the customers. George Clooney confronts Salma Hayek. She taunts him and he shoots her. When he does this the jacket falls open to show he is wearing a white shirt underneath. However, when she comes back to life a couple of seconds later and punches him to the ground, his jacket falls open again - only this time it is a completely black shirt underneath.


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