26th Apr 2021 (2010)

Other mistake: Given that Cassandra's parents are so incredibly rich, spoil her rotten, buy her anything, and have even got her a luxury apartment, why on earth is she flying to the USA in economy class?


5th Apr 2021

Hustle (2004)

New Recruits - S5-E2

Other mistake: When Mickey first opens the newspaper to show the article on Fielding and Wood, in fact the article just repeats the same first three paragraphs of text again and again. (00:01:51)


16th Nov 2017

The Last Supper (1995)

Other mistake: At the end of the play, Arbuthnot picks up a newspaper in the dining room and reads an article with a headline about disappearing local people (referring to those the graduates have killed). However, the actual body of text in the article is talking about politicians voting to halt construction of a new Hadron Collider.


16th Aug 2016

Blood Diamond (2006)

Other mistake: At the start of the film Danny is caught trying to smuggle diamonds into Liberia. The Liberian border guards catch him, but somehow he ends up in a Sierra Leone prison instead of a Liberian one.


1st Sep 2015

Unknown (2011)

Other mistake: In the first scene, Liz and Martin are driven in a taxi from the airport. The driver is on his mobile phone. The subtitles say that he is speaking German, however in fact he is speaking Turkish.


22nd Jan 2015

Chopping Mall (1986)

Other mistake: Walter Paisley is cleaning the floor and encounters the first robot. The whole reason the robots are patrolling at this point is that the shopping centre is supposedly closed to customers, as it is nighttime. However in this scene you can see quite a few people shopping on the upper tier of the mall above Paisley.


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