26th Oct 2011

Unknown (2011)

Character mistake: When the EMTs are resuscitating Dr. Harris, they use a defibrillator despite their being on a wet metal dock. Not only is this highly dangerous to absolutely everyone present, it would be completely ineffective at restarting his heart as the water and the metal would dissipate the electric current too much for it to do any good. At the very least, they would have stabilized his spine then moved him to a dry surface before beginning defibrillation. (00:08:30 - 00:09:10)

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Suggested correction: External Defibrillator are self grounded and so can be safely used on wet or metal surfaces. https://danboater.org/travel-health-and-safety/are-aeds-safe-to-use-in-wet-environments.html.

AEDs are indeed safe to use in wet areas - but in the film, it is not an AED that is used. AEDs are automated, and not operated by humans, so as to reduce risk. Your link explicitly states the rescuer must not have direct contact with the body: they just apply the pads, then move back. In the film, it is shown in detail that the medic applies the paddles and then operates them while still in contact with the body. The mistake stands: it's a traditional defibrillator, thus incorrectly used.


Continuity mistake: Right at the beginning of the film when Bond is trying to escape from the banker's office, he goes to the window and tucks his gun into his waistband. He then runs to the body lying on the other side of the office, and tucks it into his waistband again.

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Suggested correction: This is incorrect. I've just watched the scene. Bond has his gun in his hand when looking out of the window and seeing police cars arriving. He then tucks it into his waistband to try to open the window. After the unseen sniper shoots the guard and Bond dives for cover, you can see his right arm pulling the gun out of his waistband, as he tries to work out where the sniper is. Then once he runs over to the dead body he tucks his gun back inside again. Not a mistake.


19th Jun 2013

Rec (2007)

Plot hole: In the scene where they go to the intern's apartment to find the key to go out the through the basement there is a moment where they can't remember which apartment belongs to the intern. When they ask the cop who did roll call he can't remember. Angela says that in order to figure it out they should go check the mailboxes in the lobby and match up the name. This would lead them back past all the infected people and undoubtedly make the movie more interesting but it would have been safer and quicker to rewind the tape in the video camera and see which apartment the intern claimed when his name was called.

oddy knocky

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Suggested correction: It definitely would not have been the safer option. Where would Pablo, Angela and Manu have stood while rewinding and starting the tape to get to the required footage? The apartments that are open all contain infectees (Ms Izquierdo, Jennifer, the young cop, Cesar, health Inspector), and the other infectees are roaming the hallways and staircases looking for survivors. It would have been far more dangerous to stand still out while rewinding footage, than to check the mailboxes.


3rd Nov 2017

Scream (1996)

Corrected entry: At the school the killer knocks on Principle Himbry's door, he takes a moment to open it so of course the killer could have run, but the following time the killer knocks Himbry opens the door immediately, giving the killer no time to run and hide, but there's still no sign. Is he the Flash?

Correction: I've just watched this scene and Himbry does not answer the door instantly, but in a few seconds. While the killer couldn't run north of the office in that time, there was another room south of the office just a few feet away. He would be able to hide in that room barely in time.

That's completely incorrect. I just watched the scene and timed it. It is a little under 2 and a half seconds between the knock on the door and the door being opened. There is no way that the killer was able to knock on the door, jump back inside the south room, and shut the door - silently - all within 2 and a half seconds. The original entry still stands.


1st Mar 2008

Porridge (1973)

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Suggested correction: Not a mistake. The show takes place over more than a year in the prison. People change their hairstyle and length during that time. Just because episodes are next to each other does not mean they happen within a very short period of time.


While the mistake is vague and should include a specific example or two, the mistake is saying that within an episode the hair changes, not that the hair changes between episodes.


15th Jul 2020

Frantic (1988)

Plot hole: While Harrison Ford is taking a shower shortly after arriving at the hotel, the 'bad guys' kidnap his wife from the hotel room. How did they know she was the one who had picked up the wrong suitcase (which contains what they are after) at the airport? They could only have assumed that. And the suitcase they were after was in the room so why didn't they just take it?

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Suggested correction: Ford himself explains how they know she picked up the wrong suitcase. Emmanuelle Seigneur grabs Ford's wife's suitcase by mistake, and puts it in the locker to be collected by the bad guys. The bad guys then go to the locker and get the suitcase - only to discover it's the wrong one. Ford specifically mentions her name and address tag is on her bag, so they see that, and immediately know who to look for.


But, why did they have to kidnap her? They could just take the suitcase and leave her alone. They came all the way to her room but not looking for the suitcase?

Good point, but that still doesn't explain why they simply didn't take the case from the hotel room instead of kidnapping Mrs Walker and holding her ransom for it. Suggested answer - they wouldn't have been able to make a movie out of it.

Corrected entry: Bilbao is in the Basque Country, which has its own police force, the Ertzaintza, that is independent from the Spanish National Police. When the police burst into the Swiss banker's flat, it is the Ertzaintza who enters, with their traditional red caps. However, when Bond is walking away, the police cars that are going towards the crime scene belong to the Spanish National Police, which has no jurisdiction in the Basque Country. (00:04:00)

Correction: That is incorrect. Although it is true that the Ertzaintza carry out most police duties in the Basque country, both the Guardia Civil and the National Police are also present here. They generally deal with more serious crimes like drug smuggling, organized crime and so on. So it is completely believable - and quite likely that the National Police would respond to multiple shootings in the financial district.


Other mistake: When Bond is about to jump from the banker's window, he is shown tying a knot on the strap, but when he gets to the street, he only releases the strap and walks away.

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Suggested correction: He may have tied a quick release not, which by sliding his hand back up would have released the cable.

Bond does not tie a quick release knot. He ties a traditional overhand knot (it's shown in quite some detail), which cannot be easily removed. Therefore the original entry still stands.


Corrected entry: Why are Stamper's people filming the murders of the surviving sailors? If that footage is released, it would be strange, because the Chinese would of course never film killing British sailors. Furthermore the Chinese were only present in planes, and Carver is trying to make it look like it was the planes that sank the ship and killed the crew. How would the Chinese film the killing from planes?

Jacob La Cour

Correction: As to why Stamper takes photos - these photos are for Carver's paper 'Tomorrow's News'. They wouldn't be released by the Chinese government - M says to Bond in the car that the Vietnamese authorities recovered the bodies. Presumably Carver's paper will claim the photos come from the Vietnamese authorities. Additionally (although less likely and relevant), in a deleted scene and in the book adaptation it is mentioned that Stamper makes snuff films - this footage potentially will go into one.


Corrected entry: In the secure room, why didn't they just knock the guy out and tie him up? Then they wouldn't have had to worry about alarms at all! Claire wouldn't have even had to go inside and they wouldn't have needed all that computer technology. Ethan was hanging right over top of him and easily could have handled it.

Correction: They don't want to leave any trace that they were there, although the accidental (or deliberate?) knife drop ruined that plan.


17th May 2013

Blood Diamond (2006)

Corrected entry: The big diamond that Solomon found at the river changes shape and size at the end of the film.

Correction: When Solomon discovers the diamond it is rough. By the end of the film it has been cleaned, recut and polished - this happens to all diamonds.


Corrected entry: At the end of the pursuit on the Thames, when Bond's boat arrives at the Millennium Dome, his boat flies and then hits the ground. In the next shot, it is still in the air and goes at a high speed. (00:13:10)

Dr Wilson

Correction: Yes, his boat flies over the fence. It then hits the ground as you say but it then bounces back in the air again (which is when Bond jumps onto the balloon). Not a mistake. It bounces twice, that's all.


16th Sep 2007

Vacancy (2007)

Corrected entry: The police would have sent out back up after the officer did not report in anything, let alone not show up after being out for hours.

Correction: Different jurisdictions have different policies for how long to wait until they send out someone to check things out, especially if it's a small town that is generally pretty quiet, they may not send out someone right away. They may also be waiting for someone to finish what he is doing before he can check things out, I'm sure they didn't have a surplus of manpower. Also, given the whole point is that the motel is in the middle of nowhere, the policeman may have an incredibly wide area to cover, so will be away from the police station for extended periods of time. Also, given there is a ring of people in this area who are involved in these murders, it is quite possible one of them is on the police force, and so hushes up the disappearance of the cop.


Corrected entry: In the shot when the league table for the qualifying group is flashed up on the screen, before England's final group game, the table can't be right, since the total number of defeats in the table does not equal the total number of wins.

Correction: Since when does the total number of defeats in the table need to equal the number of wins? Don't forget draws. Looking at the table, every team has played 9 games. England have won 4 games, drawn 2 games and lost 3 games. 4+2+3=9 games played. The table is perfectly correct. If you are asking why England have 11 in the "F" column" and 12 in the "A" column - these columns are not about wins or losses. They stand for the number of goals scored by England (F), and the number of goals conceded by England (A).


Er, no! For every team that wins in a League/group another team must lose. So, regardless of draws, total defeats in the group so as whole and total wins must be the same. By the same token, the total number of draws on the table must be an even number.

22nd Nov 2002

Die Another Day (2002)

Corrected entry: At the start, Bond puts some explosive underneath the easily removable compartment in the briefcase. When he lands, the case is handed to someone, who's told "check this". How badly do they search it to not immediately find the explosives? Even if that person's job is just checking the diamonds, the security is so tight around that area it's inconceivable that they wouldn't check the case for bugs or something. (00:06:05)

Correction: They might sweep the case for bugs. However, this is unlikely for several reasons. Firstly, they think Bond is a criminal diamond merchant called Van Bierk. As Van Bierk is a criminal selling blood diamonds, perhaps reasonably they conclude that he isn't going to be an MI6 agent. Don't forget Van Bierk is a real person, so they would know about his criminal history, thus reinforcing their idea that he was a true criminal, so obviously would be uninterested in bugging them. Also, to sweep for bugs you would use an electronic device waved over the briefcase, not unlike the handheld metal detectors in airports. They wouldn't bother opening up the case's bottom if the sweep detected nothing (and it doesn't).


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