22nd Jan 2015

Student Bodies (1981)

Corrected entry: Barring Joe Flood (Mr Dumpkin), Oscar James (the football coach), Mimi Wedell (Miss Mumsley) and Cullen Chambers (Charles) none of the other actors in Student Bodies (most notably the lead actress Kristen Ritter) acted in another film.


Correction: While a majority of the cast did not act in other films, 9 of the actors (not including the 4 you mentioned) did act in at least one other film afterwards. Additionally, 1 other actor was in a film prior and 1 other actor has been in a couple shorts since.


9th Apr 2015

Slaughter High (1986)

Corrected entry: This film was the only film most of the cast acted in, with the exception of Marc Smith (The Coach) who did a lot of other films.


Correction: This is completely false. Of the 14 credited actors (Mark Ezra was uncredited and would make 15), 13 have acted in at least 1 other movie. Additionally, 6 of the stars have extensive film and TV credits, including Munro, who played Carol, and Martin, who played Joe.


17th Aug 2014

Identity (2003)

Corrected entry: After the actress has been killed, she is decapitated and her head is put in one of the washing machines. The ex cop for no reason just decided to go to the laundry room and look in one of the machines, where he discovers her head. There is no possible explanation for why he just decides to go to the laundry room and look through the washing machines.


Correction: Ignoring the fact that the film's central plot takes place inside the head of a schizophrenic serial killer who is being coaxed into killing off his own personalities one by one, Ed is awakened by a sound and decides to go out and investigate it. His investigation leads him to the laundry room where he can hear her severed head being bounced around in one of the dryers.

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