11th Nov 2015

The Stand (1994)

Corrected entry: In Part One of this series As Stu leaves the Vermont Center For Disease Control there is Graffiti on the sign that reads "All Dead Here." When Stu returns to the center with some other survivors the sign is immaculately clean. (01:27:40 - 02:27:15)


Correction: The sign upon which 'All Dead Here' is spray-painted is near the street, and further out from the building than a small grassy area and a flagpole. When we see the sign 'later in the movie' that is immaculate, it is not the same sign at all, but one much closer to the building.

21st Oct 2014

Free Willy (1993)

Corrected entry: The Amusement Park you see in this movie is Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon. In reality this park does not have a Marine Life Amphitheater.


Correction: As long as they did not use the name of the park, which they did not, there is no mistake. That's just simply the location they chose for the filming of the movie.

Correction: The interior shots were filmed in Mexico. Exterior shots in Oregon.

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