Liam D

31st Jul 2015

Unfriended (2014)

Corrected entry: When the power goes 'out' for various users, the wireless should go down unless *everybody* has a battery backup / uninterruptable power supply.

Correction: Only the lights, not the power, are turned out/off.

Liam D

Corrected entry: Chaff's cannon was not heard as he got killed by Brutus shortly after the Jabberjay scene. Brutus' cannon would have gone off as Katniss was picked up by the hovercraft.


Correction: We aren't told exactly when Chaff is killed, we only know that it is on the second day from the video stream in the night sky. Brutus' cannon did not fire because all of the GameMakers' power and control over the arena had been lost when Katniss used the lightning to blow out the force field.

Liam D

Corrected entry: How does Beetee show up with an apparently perfect length of copper wire on a very convenient, easy to carry spool. Is there a hardware store on the island?

Correction: Johanna tells Katniss, Peeta and Finnick that Beetee "got a knife in the back" at the Corncuopia going for the wire. The wire was placed at the Cornucopia along with the other weapons. The wire was put there to tempt Beetee to the Cornucopia, considering (we are told) he invented it.

Liam D

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