Liam D

26th Dec 2013

Mean Girls (2004)

Corrected entry: At Cady's party, when she is in her room with Aaron and she is sick, she is sick below his waistline, ie. either on his pants or on the floor and not on his shirt. However in the next scene when he walks out of the house he is wiping sick off his shirt.

Liam D

Correction: People can, and often do, eject vomit more than once per incident. She must have done it again before he could move out of the way.

Caravan Club - S1-E5

Corrected entry: When Jay is telling Simon, Will and Neil to park up because his mum has made them tea, look on the ground to the front right of the shot and you can see the shadows of some of the filming crew.

Liam D

Correction: At no point is the shadow of the film crew visible. There is Simon's shadow, the car's shadow and nothing else.

A Demon Premium member

6th Oct 2014

Dark Skies (2013)

Corrected entry: The family in the film are obviously struggling financially, especially to pay their mortgage. However, they have a huge iMac, a Macbook and have the money to install a complex security system with extra locks, several alarms, motion sensors and CCTV cameras all around their house. It doesn't make sense that they would have the money to afford these things.

Liam D

Correction: People aren't always responsible with their money. Besides, if they feel genuinely threatened then they may have decided that the expense of the security equipment was worth getting behind on a few bills. They apparently HAVE money (or credit), they're just not spending it responsibly.

Phixius Premium member

18th Jul 2014

Skins (2007)

Show generally

Corrected entry: Politics and Psychology A-Level do not have coursework, yet characters or teachers across the different series mention that coursework needs to be done in these subjects.

Liam D

Correction: Some exam boards do (or did a few years ago when the show was on) have coursework in these subjects.

Corrected entry: Sam's facial expression changes in response to hearing the song Come on Eileen before it actually starts playing.

Liam D

Correction: When Sam's facial expression changes, a violin tune is playing in the background. This is the beginning of Come on Eileen, which she recognised. There are different versions of the song, where no intro is played.

Corrected entry: When at the airport, look closely at the IDs of David and Kenny, they have different addresses even though they live in the same apartment block.

Liam D

Correction: There's a good chance David, being a drug dealer, has a fake ID, and/or moves around frequently to avoid the police.

Correction: We clearly see David's address as "200 Miller Street", which is the address of the apartment complex and the same address Kenny has. It's Casey who has a different address on her license, but that because she doesn't live in the same place.


Corrected entry: When Katniss is launched into the arena, all the tributes are stood on pedestals very close to one another in a tight semi-circle facing the Cornucopia. However, consider the architecture of the launch room she was in moments before. The room was quite big; we are under the impression each of the 24 tributes is in a room identical to this. The large size of the room underneath the arena would suggest they are all largely spread out, however the pedestals they rise onto are far too close together for what the room sizes are.

Liam D

Correction: Being under the impression of something doesn't make it a mistake. We don't know if all the other rooms are the same size, as we aren't shown. Who is to say the rooms aren't stacked, with the pedestals rising from different levels? In that case the rooms could all be the same size, with different spaces for the pedestals to rise from.

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