6th Oct 2013

Crimson Tide (1995)

Corrected entry: At both the beginning and the end of the film, when Hunter is shown in full uniform including his cover (hat), the brim has no braiding. Hunter is a Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) and would have a single row of braiding or Scrambled Eggs as they are referred to.


Correction: Not true. Navy LCDRs, unlike the USMC, US Army, and USAF, do NOT wear fretting/braiding/scrambled eggs on their cover-and they never have (i.e. Not a "new thing") Only Naval Officers CDR (O5) and above will have fretting on their covers. This is well known and easily confirmed via a basic search of Navy uniform regs.

Detour - S10-E16

Corrected entry: When Palmer has shot the bad guy chasing Ducky and himself, and after he empties the clip of the Beretta (although it could be a Taurus, as they are almost identical), he continues to pull the trigger and you can hear clicks as though the hammer is being actuated. With semi-automatic weapons such as these the slide cocks the hammer from gas expansion as the shell casing is ejected from the gun. Once the clip is empty, the slide remains open (as is seen in the scene), the hammer is left in a retracted position, and the trigger is disengaged. The trigger cannot be pulled, the hammer does not move, and therefore no sound can be made. (00:39:20)


Correction: The Beretta is a double action automatic handgun and can be dry fired without the slide cycling. The trigger can cock and fire the hammer in one pull.

Corrected entry: When Kirk gives Sulu the con before leaving for Kronos, Sulu states "I just never sat in the chair before," referring to the Captain's chair. Sulu commanded the Enterprise when Kirk and Spock beamed aboard Nero's ship to save Earth and Pike. (00:47:50)


Correction: But he remained at his usual station, he didn't sit in the chair.

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