Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry first comes to the burrow, there is a shot where Harry is examining the clock. It has Mr. Weasley at quittich, but later on he comes home from work. Also, it says Mrs. Weasley and Ginny are in the garden, but later on Ginny comes down from upstairs. Persy is said to be in the garden. (00:11:15)

Correction: In the close-up of the Burrow's clock, the hands show Ginny, Percy and Molly in the garden, and Arthur's hand points to Quidditch. BUT, it isn't until "later on", when the boys have been seated for breakfast, that we see Ginny come downstairs and Arthur come home. We don't have to see every action on screen, to draw logical conclusions. Just as Harry walks away towards the knitting needles, the clock hands would simply change showing Molly AND Ginny 'home' - but we just don't see it, but we see Molly soon appear, so we know it happened. Coming in from the garden, Ginny would have used the back steps to go straight upstairs (therefore not know Harry is in their house), before her mother confronts the boys about their overnight excursion, so later on, when the boys are seated at the kitchen table, Ginny comes down to ask about her jumper. Now regarding Arthur, when he walks in he states that there were nine raids at work that day, so obviously yes, he was at work. But, the hand pointed to Quidditch EARLIER because he could have been at/near a Quidditch practice/match for the last of those raids for "misuse of Muggle artifacts" and stayed a bit to watch a game, or after work he simply apparated to some Quidditch practice/match going on, just before heading home. There is no mistake.

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Correction: The correction is wrong because immediately after seeing the clock, Mrs. Weasley came was seen standing on the landing of the stairs, in her pyjamas. Nowhere near the garden.


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