5th Jan 2005

Resident Evil (2002)

Corrected entry: In the passage to the Queen's chamber when the laser is coming towards the woman standing, you can see she is looking towards it. A second later she turns her head towards it again. (00:31:20)


Correction: She is looking at the door where Alice is. She turns her head towards the laser when One yells for everyone to get down.


This isn't true. She is looking towards the laser with everyone else. But as the leader yells for everyone to get down, she turns her head towards the team.

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9th May 2005

Resident Evil (2002)

Corrected entry: Spence and Alice are charged with making sure no one without proper clearance gets into the Hive. Why then does Spence have the clearance to get into the Hive's most secret and secure area, the T-virus storage? Does a bank guard at the door have the combination to the vault? Can the guard in the entrance of a missile silo launch a missile? Of course not. There is no reason for him to have access that deep into the Hive. And while he may have bought the codes to get in, why does no one in the most secure facility in the world give him a second glance? Did he buy off every security guard and Red Queen as well?

Grumpy Scot

Correction: It is never mentioned that they don't have access to the hive. Comparing them to bank guards or silo guards is a moot point. This is a highly classified government facility. There is no law that says they cannot give them access to the inside of the hive.


28th Jul 2014

Volcano (1997)

Corrected entry: When the lava is first approaching Roark's SUV, the right rear tire gets done in by the lava. A minute later, he and his kid are on top of the vehicle, and the right rear tire blows out again.

Movie Nut

Correction: The second time it is the front tire.


Corrected entry: In the grave yard scene. It doesn't seem possible for a virus contracted through bodily fluids (blood, saliva) to get 6 feet down into sealed coffins, infect a half decomposed corpse filled to the eyeballs with formaldehyde and methanol (typically), and make a zombie that could break out of its casket and dig up six feet with naught but bare hands, a seemingly impossible task for even the fittest, healthiest and craziest human.


Correction: This is the explanation given on IMDB: This occurrence is explained in the first film where the Red Queen (Michaela Dicker) reveals that the T-virus goes from the transition process of liquid to gas in a matter of hours. The virus was vented out through the ground after Umbrella reopened (The Hive was located under Raccoon City). As for them being able to break out of their casket, lots of zombie movies do that.


The brain liquefies when we die unless a there's a preservative. The cells are dead as well. I don't understand how a virus infects a dead cell.

Regardless of the transmission method or movie explanation, it's standard zombie lore that when the dead turn into zombies, they have minimal brain function and motor control, despite it being impossible in real life. The virus basically has supernatural powers, which isn't a valid movie mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Eddie Murphy sees himself dead in the mirror, all of a sudden he isn't holding the candle, but when it shows a wider shot he's holding it again.

Correction: He drops the candle then bends down to pick it up. When he stands back up with the candle his reflection is back to normal.


Correction: While he is looking at the ballerina box, when the ball of light first appears, you only see it reflecting off the box before he stands up and turn around. You never actually see it until his sister comes out.


1st Apr 2014

Non-Stop (2014)

Corrected entry: A few problems at once: when the skinny guy with the glasses, who turns out to be the architect of this whole scheme, is being detained and pushed around by Liam Neeson on the plane, he manages to slip the mobile phone to the accountant and inject him with a lethal poison. All of which goes unnoticed by anybody. Later on, when Liam Neeson reviews the video clips a passenger made with his own mobile phone, the whole act is not really visible either, but it still convinces Liam Neeson that he is the villain. And the villain, without even really knowing what Liam Neeson is exactly seeing on the recorded clips, conveniently assumes that his cover has been blown now and decides to openly reveal himself as the antagonist.

Correction: Marks reviews the video and while it doesn't show much to show the guy with the glasses is the bad guy, it does show him, almost purposely bumping into the man in the seat. This takes places moments before that man is found with the phone, and subsequently the dart. While watching the video, Marks easily puts 2 and 2 together. The main bad guy notices Mark's reaction so he knows he sees something. Henceforth his reaction.


Corrected entry: After Inspector Todd's funeral Axel speaks to his wife and in that conversation she says "That doesn't sound like my Douglas" But in Beverley Hills Cop 2, when Paul Reiser is awaiting the phone call from the Beverley Hills Chief of Police, the name on the office door is G. Todd.

Correction: Douglas could have been his middle name or even his nickname. Spouses will sometimes refer them to 1 of those rather than their real name.


26th Jun 2014

Cocoon (1985)

Corrected entry: When Jack, seeing the aliens for the first time, jumps overboard, he's wearing thongs (flip-flops), but when he comes back onboard, his feet are bare.


Correction: Why don't you try swimming with flip-flops and see how well they stay on your feet. They are hard to keep on while swimming, so they could have easily fallen off.


30th Aug 2003

Over The Top (1987)

Corrected entry: During the Las Vegas arm wrestling tournament, Lincoln Hawk loses one match, but is still alive since it is in a double elmination tournament. This point is repeated over the PA. Hawk goes on to beat undfeated champion Bob Bull Hurley in the finals. But shouldn't Hawk have to beat Hurley twice, since it is a double elimination tourney?

Correction: In a normal tournament, Bull Hurley would have been disqualified for punching Hawks in the nose. Even though this was never announced in the movie, this would explain why Bull only loss the last match. He was beat twice. The first time was when he hit Hawks, the 2nd time was when his arm was brought down.


Hurley was only deducted 2 points for punching Hawk's nose, not DQ'ed - they did show the points taken away.

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