2nd May 2022

Poltergeist III (1988)

Question: Whatever happened to Scott, Donna's boyfriend? Donna and everybody else returned after Tangina left with Kane, but did he?

Answer: At the end of the movie, it was a different actress who played Carol Ann as the actress had already died by that point. Rumor has it that the actor who played Scott was so distraught over her death that he couldn't come back to film the scene.


22nd Aug 2013

Total Recall (1990)

Question: Why does Quaid shoot Dr. Edgemar when he sees sweat dripping from his head? What is it about the sweat that lets Quaid know something is wrong?

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: It was nervous sweat, which wouldn't happen if everything was only occurring in Quaid's mind.


He was trying to convince Quaid that he was in a dream and taking the pill would wake him up back in reality. Seeing him sweat gave him away and Quaid knew he was really awake.


Answer: The drip of sweat could have been a consequence of Quaid's imagination going into overdrive, and manifested as part of his delusion. For every argument against it being a dream, there is a counter argument for it, including that of the director whose intention was the latter and as stated in the extended director's commentary.

3rd Feb 2022

Point Break (1991)

Question: Near the end of the movie when Utah goes to capture Bohdi in Australia, he looks quite a bit heavier, was this scene shot sometime after the movie was originally filmed?

Answer: Possibly. But remember when they were telling Utah about the 50-year storm, they said it would be next year. Plenty of time for the character to gain weight.


18th Dec 2021

Arachnophobia (1990)

Question: Which spider attacked the doctor in the barn, killing him? Was it the general, the queen, or just one of the offspring?

Answer: It definitely wasn't one of the offspring, as you can see when it jumped out at him that it was a very large spider, likely the general since they mentioned the queen would be guarding the egg sac in the wine cellar to defend it from other spiders.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: I think he's referring to the Brazilian doctor they brought in to help. If that's the case, it was the main spider that hitched a ride with the body.


Answer: One of the offspring. There was a brief shot of the little one crawling into the doctor's slipper.

20th Aug 2010

Predators (2010)

Question: In the scene with the traps, they find a dead man. His ribcage is open, have that anything to do with an alien attack?


Chosen answer: Not entirely sure which scene you are referring to, but the Predator has an explosive shoulder weapon. In the first Predator movie, the character Blain is killed by this weapon, leaving his chest ripped open.


He's referring to the scene where after they survived the traps, they came into the camp of the soldier who set them. Adrian Brody even said the guy didn't set the traps for them, but for something bigger. The dead soldier had his chest ripped open.


24th Jul 2010

Predators (2010)

Question: Does Hanzo have the katana with him from the beginning? My brother thinks he picked it up in Nolan's hideout, but I'm pretty sure a Yakuza would know how to conceal a katana, and in any case, it just makes more sense that way. Which of us is right?

Answer: When he found it in Nolen's hideout, he noticed how old the sword was and therefore made the comment about the Predators doing this for a very long time.


12th Oct 2021

Halloween 5 (1989)

Question: At the start it skips to Children's Clinic in Haddonfield and states 1 year later, then we see Jamie having an episode - then she mimics Myers movement as he wakes up and kills the man who looked after him. It's happening at the same time yet it said it was 1 year later - was Myers unconscious for all that time? Or have I got that totally wrong?

Answer: Don't know about being unconscious, however it's safe to assume the old man who found him kept him there and healed him. With all those bullets he took, no surprise it took a year to recover.


Question: Why does the Resurrection stone only allow Harry to see his parents, Remus, and Sirius? Why not Alastor, Tonks, Snape, Cedric, Fred, and others?

Answer: The resurrection stone allows you to see people you love the most. His parents and Sirius are there for obvious reasons as they were his family. Remus was also just like family to Harry. He was one of his father's best friends, the father of Harry's godson (who was orphaned in the war just like Harry), and the closest thing to a father figure Harry had after Sirius died. The others while there's no doubt they held a place in Harry's heart, Harry was not as close with them as he was with the others. Therefore, they would not appear to him with the stone.

He practically grew up with Fred. I would think he would be there as well.


Question: I heard that only one of all the prophecies is the correct one am I right? How is it they find it so fast?


Chosen answer: Yes, only one is the correct one, but they're all organized and marked (by subject, I believe) so it was relatively simple to track the proper one down.

Phixius Premium member

Answer: Also remember that Neville saw the globe and it had Harry's name on it. They also knew what section it was in because of Harry's dreams. These are how they were found correctly.


Question: Why didn't Harry simply refuse to take part in the Tri-Wizard tournament? Even though his name came out of the goblet, he could have said no.

Answer: No, he had to participate because the goblet of fire forced him into a "magical contract." The goblet itself is probably partially sentient and would punish anyone who didn't participate after being selected by the goblet. How this works exactly is never explained, but the tournament judges were pretty clear that he had no choice but to participate.


What would have happened to Harry if he broke the contract?

Broken magical contracts usually resulted in death; a good deterrent for not breaking them. Keep in mind, however, Harry (in the book at least), like many students, very much wanted to compete in the tournament despite the danger, but initially couldn't because he was underage. He still wanted to compete, despite knowing the selection process was rigged.

raywest Premium member

25th Jun 2021

Halloween (1978)

Question: If Tommy and Lindsey both had babysitters why couldn't they go trick or treating?


Answer: Who said they weren't allowed to go trick or treating? They both seemed more interested in the movies than anything else.


5th Sep 2021

General questions

I am looking for an older movie with the plot of a high profile guy gets betrayed into thinking his loyal wife is having an affair with his best friend, and he kills them only to find out later that it wasn't true.

Answer: The episode was titled, "Three's a Crowd." Season 2 Episode 5 of Tales from the Crypt.

Answer: If memory serves, that's a subplot from the 2004 "Punisher" movie. Frank Castle plants false evidence that his enemy Howard Saint's wife is having an affair with his best friend. Howard kills both of them in a jealous rage, only for Frank to later reveal that he fabricated the affair.


Answer: Sounds like a Tales From The Crypt episode.


Question: Tom Riddle tells Harry that Ginny wrote the messages on the wall. But how did she write them? They appear to be up way too high for her to reach.

Answer: She got some stairs. The corridors are empty for long times, she had plenty of time to write it. Either that or levitation.


Why did Tom Riddle tell Ginny to write the messages on the wall?

Because it was obvious that neither he or the snake could write the message themselves. He's creating fear at Hogwarts.


Question: Why didn't the Dursleys just dump Harry at an orphanage, or refuse to take him? Why did they care about doing what Dumbledore asked?

Answer: Dumbledore never would have allowed it. The charm that protected Harry was only effective as long as Harry lived with his blood relatives, that being his aunt. Also, though Aunt Petunia would be too afraid of the consequences if she ever tried to abandon Harry, she was not evil. There was a line she would never cross that would put her sister's child in danger. She knew his living in her household protected his life.

raywest Premium member

Does she care though? Because her and Vernon often tell him that he is punished with no meals for a long time and lock him in a cupboard.

They cared enough for his life, not his well-being.


They were strict on him to try and stamp the magic out of him. Vernon even says "when we took him in we swore we would stamp it out of him".

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: According to the books, once they agreed to take him in, the protective became active. So it seems like they had the choice not to take him in.


Question: Why was Commissioner Hurst shocked to find out that Commandant Lassard would be helping with the crime wave? They had been friends for a long time, and Hurst knows that Lassard would never do such a thing, so it seems out of character for Hurst to think so.

Answer: Because they found jewelry from the last crime in his office. That's why he was shocked. They may be friends, but he knows he can't ignore evidence even for a friend.


3rd Jul 2020

Police Academy (1984)

Question: A few cadets had a fight in the cafeteria. Wouldn't they be expelled from the academy?


Answer: In the universe of the film, the rule seems to be that if a cadet initiates a fight, he or she will be expelled, while anyone else involved would not be (since they were merely defending themselves). That's why Blankes specifically goads Mahoney by saying "Go on, you throw the first punch," and when they are later brought before Harris, he simply asks, "Who threw the first punch? That's all I want to know."

Chosen answer: Not necessarily. They would likely face some sort of disciplinary review, and, if found responsible, receive sanctions ranging from a warning, probation, retraining, dismissal, and so on.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Harris finally got the chance to kick Mahoney out, so he didn't care about the others.


24th Mar 2021

Porky's (1982)

Question: So when the guys first walk into Porky's - and they're confronted by Porky (at the request of Mickey who wanted to see him), Porky makes the comment that they're "Five Angel Beach pussies" - how did he know they're from Angel Beach? I am assuming that the guy at the door who checked the ID's was looking at the ages, but why and how did he relay it to Porky that that's where they're from?


Answer: They also dressed differently, more proper than the regulars at Porky's.


Answer: Porky's place is supposed to be in the middle of nowhere, the closes town is Angel Beach.

Doesn't make it that they had to be from there - I've driven several miles for things and passed through several towns to get to it, doesn't make it so that I'm from the neighbouring town.


Answer: Okay but my question was/is - the guy at the door never conveyed it to Porky that they had Angel Beach people there - given that Porky's pen was upstairs when summoned. Seems to me movies actually show would show that part to keep the fluidity of the movie going to have it makes sense.


Answer: The guy at the door would need to check their IDs to confirm that they were 21 or over, which they weren't because Porky could get into big trouble with the law if it was ever found out that some underage students got into his bar. That, and when making the fake ID's, they would need the name of the town of where they're from to make them look genuine which is how Porky knew where they're from.

Question: What was Sean's mother reacting to? She turned with a puzzled look before Dracula's car ever came near the house.

Answer: She heard the tires squealing and just had a reaction to that like anybody else would.


Answer: If you remember, the mother lit a candle and told Phoebe it would keep the house safe from monsters and lightning. The sound she reacted to was the candle blowing out, indicating the house was no longer protected.

She turned around in reaction at the same time the tires squealed.


No, she is NOT reacting to the tires. When the scene begins, the candle is in the lower right corner of the screen. It blows out and she reacts to the sound. I've been having this debate since 1989.

Question: I saw this movie for the first time in years the other night, and I did not remember that Nancy was killed in this one. Is this the last nightmare film that she was in (other than the one where Freddy came to the real world and everybody played real names)?

Answer: Technically she was also in New Nightmare, both as the "Nancy" character and as the actress Heather in various scenes.

Technically the author said other than the one where Freddy came to the real world and everybody played real names. So therefore the 1st answer was accurate.


Question: What happened to the limo on the curb of the toy store after Kevin got out? Why did the limo driver leave him there?

Answer: During that time, the hotel found out the credit card Kevin used was stolen. So since they were the ones who got the limo for Kevin, it's safe to assume they also called it back.


Answer: The limo company may have only had an agreement with the hotel to take Kevin to one destination of his choosing or to drive him around for a certain amount of time.

Phaneron Premium member

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