23rd Jul 2014

Noah (2014)

Corrected entry: I don't know more about the animal kingdom or other species shown in the movie. They are all shown hibernated with some kind of a herb. Later when Emma Watson is pregnant, moments before boarding the ark she delivers two baby girls... Did all the animals virtually hibernate for nine months? Or did Emma give a premature delivery to the babies, which is highly unlikely from the face of the babies shown? Also there are certain species that even pass away several life cycles during this course of time. And if they did survive their usual cycle how did they survive without consuming any food?


Correction: God plays his hand heavily in this movie. From making an entire forest and river spring from a single spot of ash, having Noah's grandfather make a wall of fire to consume an entire army, and not to mention the sudden world flood from an unprecedented amount of rain in just a couple of hours or so, or less even. It's not much of a stretch at all to say God kept the animals in hibernation for 9 months or more, and kept them in good nutrition to stay that way through his power. Sure it wasn't said in the movie, but look at all the other stuff and you could easily say that it was God that did it. Thus this can not be justified as a mistake.

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