2nd Jan 2022

The Office (2005) - S7-E9

Other mistake: When Jim is editing the audiobook of Jo's autobiography, the waveform displayed on his computer program is inaccurate to the phonetics of the phrase being uttered. The crew of the show simply pasted in a random waveform of someone speaking a different sentence. There are a number of ways to tell it is inaccurate, but one is the periodicity of the waveform during the sibilant [s], which appear be noisy and not periodic. (00:15:20)


4th Mar 2018

Monk (2002)

Mr. Monk Stays in Bed - S4-E3

Other mistake: During the flashback of the perpetrator beating up the victim with a baseball bat, the shot is visibly spliced and there's a jump cut while he is between swings of the bat. (00:32:50)


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