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21st Dec 2019

Superbad (2007)

I own this movie on DVD.

I've heard about this movie for years now, to the point it seems to have reached a legendary status. But I had never seen it before and it didn't really seem like my kind of movie.
It turned up in one of those 4 pack comedy DVD sets in the Walmart $5 or $3.74 movie bin, so I decided to go ahead and get it.
I watched it, and I didn't really think it was anything special. Maybe I had been hyped up to it too much over the years and it didn't seem to live up to the expectations that would in tale.
That's not saying it's a super bad movie or anything... see what I did there? just that I thought it was okay. About 3 and a half stars I'd say. It's good, but not great or amazing.
And I will say Seth Rogen and Bill Hader were the best part of the movie and did steal the film.
It's an all right movie, I liked it well enough but I don't think it deserves the praise it always seems to get. But that's just me. It honestly just feels like they tried to do American Pie again, but this time with more of a buddy travel movie almost, though more self contained... if that makes sense.

Mistake status: meh, didn't really look for any. Might go through it some day for more.

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17th Dec 2019

Batman: Hush (2019)

I rented this movie from RedBox.

So I really love the animated hero movies that have been coming out over the last decade. Among my favorites being things like Planet Hulk and Under the Red Hood. And while Marvel is more or less dominating the live action hero movie department, DC has been really cranking out some really good films in their direct to video line up of animation. Mostly...
This is not one of those really good ones.

Aside from Freedom Fighters: The Ray, this is one of their worst ones in my opinion. At least with how it utterly falls apart in the third act and ending.

The film sets up a lot of cool things that fans would love to see, like with Batman and Catwoman and their budding relationship. And it sets up some cool ideas, but ultimately it just crashes and burns at the end.

Spoiler warning for the rest of this review!

Having this film take place late enough in Batman's career where he's more willing to open up and starts a relationship with Catwoman is awesome. Seeing their dynamic and the sexual tension between them really flourishes and makes for some good parts in this movie. But in the end, with it almost having her killed off, playing it off like we're likely to see her die and sets it up for Batman to lose her... well I was already not liking it heading that direction anyways. With the trope of he's finally happy, then loses her and has to be sad again.
Well thankfully it doesn't kill her off, but her way of escaping the situation is so absurd and unrealistic, even for a cartoon. But then at the end, because the villain dies by her actions saving Batman who was trying to save the villain. He has to break up with her or rather she breaks up with him because of his moral code. Is actually kinda worse than them just killing her off. It made me actively angry with the direction they took that.

And now for the villain. A lot of Hush's motivations and actions really don't make much sense in the movie with why and how he does what he does. But also it's seemingly early on set up to make you think that Hush is this long lost friend of Batman from his childhood that came back. Sure, that was the obvious choice to go with but that actually works at least. But then to just have that character killed off for almost no reason, and then reveal that Hush is actually The Riddler after entering the Lazarus Pit just really threw the movie out of the window. Riddler is a fun villain on his own, but this turns him into something completely different. He might as well have been a random dude off the street. The way his plan was laid out, his way of discovering who Batman is, and all that just falls so flat. I get that the Lazarus Pit can have some very bad effects on a person's mind. Heck that's a big plot point of Under the Red Hood which I love. But here, it doesn't work at all with the execution.

The movie leading up to this is pretty good, and having some sexy scenes between the Bat and the Cat, and even some innuendos with Ivy and even Harley Quin. And a lot of the stuff they do in Metropolis involving Superman, while dumb is at least enjoyable. Though the way they beat mind controlled Superman is a bit much anyways. Also, how the hell did Poison Ivy manage to kiss Superman in the first place to be able to mind control him? Now that's something I would want to see and should have been in the movie!

But over all, I liked the first half or 2/3s of the movie decently enough. But the last third really kills it and so much so detracts from the rest. This really is a bad film, and I hope they don't continue down this path.

Mistake Status: Caught a few on my first viewing, will probably go back to it some day like other animated hero films I love to mistake search.

Quantom X

I rented this movie from RedBox.

So take everything wrong with the second film... and just make it worse. So much worse.
I would almost rate this movie a 1 star, but it's more 1 and a half to 2 stars. The second is more a 2 and a half, especially next to this one.

So the story of this movie is more of a direct sequel to the first than the second one was, but still a much worse film. Basically, the story is that the guy who wronged Stallone in the first movie was trapped out at sea at the end and left to die. Well he had a son, and he's back for revenge against Stallone. Gee... never seen that in a movie before. So he kidnaps this Chinese girl who's the daughter of the guy that was partners with the guy who was stranded out at sea who Stallone worked for in the first movie. Because apparently it's his fault to and that makes perfect sense. Then he also kidnaps Stallone's girlfriend to force him into action. And because he want's to hurt everybody close to Stallone.

So the whole thing that was the main point of Stallone was that he would get himself sent to maximum security prisons that were state of the art, and supposedly escape proof, then would work from the inside to find a way to escape and find flaws in the system. But that's all gone now as the prison here is some black site out int he middle east that's like an Alcatraz wannabe with seemingly no security that Stallone has to break into to get somebody else out. And they get in through the sewer... and there's like no security cameras or anything. It's ridiculous.
The first movie had the awesome, expensive, elaborate prison on a ship out on the ocean. The second had the high tech underground fortress prison. This movie prison is a discount Alcatraz with no security...

The action is underwhelming in this outside of a single fight scene with the character of Shen when he's first introduced, and that scene isn't even a minute long. And he feels more like a discount Jet-Li. Stallone seems to be phoning it in this time, even more so than in the second movie and only there for his paycheck. Batista is completely wasted, having probably less than 4 or 5 minutes of total screen time. All he does I the movie is accept a briefcase of money, tell Stallone about the prison over the phone, ride with them talking about his shotgun, uses the shotgun in one scene to blow a way a few guys in the prison with dragons breath rounds, has a single fight with one big dude, and then talks a little with Stallone at the end. He barely adds to the movie and it's a real shame. Also Xiaoming Huang from the second film, who was introduced as basically Stallone's apprentice and future replacement and was almost just as good as him... nowhere to be scene in this film. I don't think he was even mentioned, and he was the main character of the second movie. Just poof, Thanos snapped out of the script.

And we are given very little reason to even care about these characters. In fact the only guy I did care about was given an unsatisfying, almost random death in the prison without his story arch ever being resolved, or having any sort of resolution for what happened to him at all. I get that that is more realistic in a sense, but it's just bad story telling.

There's not much of anything this film has as a redeeming factor, and it's a waste of time. Skip it. Just watch the awesome first movie and avoid it's sequels. Maybe watch the second one, but not this garbage fire.

Mistake Status: No.

Quantom X

I saw this movie in theaters with my dad and my girlfriend.

I will have to watch this movie a second time before I can give my true opinion on it. But this is what I feel for now.

I really liked this movie. In the recent years I've been more exposed to Stallone movies and grown to love him more. I also own the first 4 Rambo movies on DvD, and since seeing this in theaters with my girlfriend, we went back and watched those first 4 together, since she'd never seen them. I had only seen them each like 1 time before except the 4th one I had seen more.

This film is a pretty good continuation of the story left off from the end of Rambo 4, where he had returned state side and settled on a farm. We get to see what he's been doing the last 10 years and how he's sort of had a surrogate family he's been taking care of.
The story is about this teenage Hispanic girl that Rambo has been helping raise since his return, who things she's got information about her real father living in Mexico. She wants to go find him and ask him why he left. When she goes, she gets abducted by the human traffickers there, and so an old Rambo must head off to try and save her.

There are some interesting elements to the film, and it actually goes into some pretty dark places I was not expecting. And I really liked and appreciated it, where you don't always have the best happiest outcome from situations like this.
and then when it leads up to the big fight at the end where the cartel and traffickers are bringing the fight to Rambo's home, we get to see much more of the traps and ingenuity of the hero that we saw glimpses of in the very first film, First Blood, back in the day. Which those were a bit missing from the 3 following films.
But Rambo is old now, and not nearly as physically capable of being the one man army he was in Rambo 3. So he has to rely on tricks and smarts, knowing his environment better than his enemy and laying traps and death machines out.

The ending is also left ambiguous, where maybe Rambo won't survive what he went through. But maybe he will. It's left open, and that's not much of a spoiler really. Though considering the state Stallone is now, and how he hurt himself making this film, I think it unlikely at this point we will get a Rambo 6.
About that, it is a shame that his injuries in this film will be putting a delay on Creed 3. And from what I heard, canceling Expendables 4 completely. Guess we will see what the future holds.

Mistake Status: Didn't catch any when watching in the theaters. Wasn't really looking. I'll probably go through the Rambo movies for mistakes some day.

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I rented this movie from RedBox.

When this sequel came out on rental, it hit RedBox as a double feature disk with the first film included. I re watched the first one and then this film.
I must say this is one of the most unnecessary sequels I've ever seen.
The first movie was decently realistic, and only having you draw your suspension of disbelief to acceptable levels. But they really jumped the shark with this film, being almost cartoonish with the set up and prison. And to top it off, no Schwarzenegger. That was the primary selling point of the first film, was to finally have an action film staring Stallone and Schwarzenegger together.

This movie lost all the charm the first film carried, and with me really not caring about the people in it. And this time, instead of Stallone being in some high tech future prison that can't exist, it's one of his team members. Yeah so he even has a team now. Where his whole shtick in the first movie was that it was him alone working from the inside out to escape the most secure prisons to expose weaknesses. To prove if one man could get out or not. But now he has a team of people? It doesn't make sense. And now one is locked up in this new prison, for reasons I don't even remember. But turns out because an ex member of his team scorned by Stallone wants revenge and designed this prison just for him...

It's bonkers, stupid, and just falls flat as the most unnecessary sequel to a good film, but having none of the good parts of the first one. It even felt like Stallone was just phoning it in for this movie.
Watch the first one, and don't bother with this one.

Mistake Status: Wasn't really looking for any when I watched it. I might pick it a part some day if I do the first film just so I do the series.

Quantom X

7th Dec 2019

Escape Plan (2013)

I rented this movie from RedBox.

I remember when this movie was first coming out, it was pretty hyped. Stallone and Schwarzenneger finally staring in a movie together, and not in an ensemble piece like Expendables 2 (a movie I really love though).
I rented it and watched it when it first came out in 2013, and I remembered liking it at the time. But I hadn't seen it since until I heard of the sequel. When the sequel hit RedBox, it came in a double feature where would get both the first and second film on the same disk to rent for the price of one. It had been 5 years since I had seen the first so I went ahead and watched it again before watching the second one.

And to be honest, it was actually better than I had remembered. I had always liked Stallone, but it wasn't until more recent years that I started to really appreciate him more. And now he's for sure one of my favorite actors ever, right up there with Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, and Bruce Willis. Considering who he is and the kinds of movies he's been in, it would have made sense for him to be one of my favorites for years now. But somehow most of his films had gone under my radar do to one thing or another. With me really only knowing him from the Rocky films, Antz, and... Spy Kids 3D. I hadn't even seen the Rambo films until more recent years, except for like the 4th one which I did enjoy.

Anyways, this film is actually pretty good. An interesting idea, and I think a good set up. Getting these two actors together in roles like this is a match made in heaven that people have been craning for for years. Though I do wish it was a bit more of an action film considering who these guys are. I would loved to even have seen a film where one of them played the bad guy against the other. But it is what it is. It's not a great film, but it is good. A solid 4 stars for if you're into this sort of movie.

It's not completely fresh on my mind, as it's been a few months since I watched it, or my review would be more in depth. But I think it is a solid film for what it is.

Mistake Status: I only remember catching one during the second viewing. I'll for sure dive into movies like this later on.

Quantom X

I own this movie on DvD.

So I knew this one was coming... My new girlfriend likes horror movies but had never seen Alien. So with the 40th anniversary of Alien hitting theaters shortly after we started dating, I started her with that one and had been having her watch the rest of them on DVD with me when we can.

There were parts of this movie so bad that I had actually forgotten completely about them till I had fired the film up again with her... namely the mutant human Xenomorph reverse thing at the end of the film that I wish to forget about once again.
I give this film a 2 star rating as it is at least one of those films I find is so bad it's still fun to watch.
My girlfriend didn't think quite as much as I did, but I still had fun watching this trainwreck in motion.
And I can at least confidently say this is not the absolute WORST alien movie there is... That title goes to AvP Requiem, which is not fun to watch at all.

Spoilers ahead! for this film and Alien 3.

So this film takes place 200 years after the end of Alien 3, where Ripley had sacrificed herself to keep the alien queen that was gestating inside her from falling into the hands of "the corporation" or "the company" whatever it was called.
So 200 years later, they some how found her DNA on the site... and were able to use that to clone, not only her, but the alien queen inside her at the same time. But by doing so also... combine their DNA together so that Ripley is also like some sort of acid bleeding human hybrid with the queen. Which also had the reverse effect of allowing the queen to give live birth to that monstrosity at the end of the film that I don't want to really talk about.

So the company or corporation of military or whatever, have hired some pirates to bring them live humans in cryosleep to have shipped to them. This way they can have newly laid eggs from the queen implant new xenomorphs into the humans so they can grow them and try to train them as a sort of war dog creature. An interesting premise but very very poorly executed.
So things go wrong, of course, and the aliens escape and start to kill everybody on board. The pirates team up with clone Ripley and have to fight their way through the space station and try to survive.

A decent set up, but bad writing. I will say that a lot of the over acting and comedy in the film just makes this movie a lot of fun to watch. Ron Perlman is especially a joy and steals the movie. From the cripple in a robot wheelchair to the Jamaican guy who can perfectly ricochet bullets of objects to hit whoever and whatever he wants from any angle, this film pulls out all the stops and throws realism to the wind. But I can't help but kinda love it for it.
Again, I find this movie a lot of fun to watch, except for the ending parts with that hideous creature I wish to block from my memory again.

Anyways, I would say to watch this movie, but go in knowing it's bad and try to be ready for that. Just have fun, as this movie is a lot of fun to watch. Especially Perlman.

Mistake Status: Ha.

Quantom X

4th Dec 2019

Alien 3 (1992)

I own this movie on DvD.

If I could rate this 3 1/2 stars, I would. It's not 4 star worthy but not bad enough for 3 stars either.
I just recently watched this again with my girlfriend, since I've been showing her these movies.

This movie I feel is very under rated, getting an unjust bad rep due to the circumstances around it. And often times the hate towards the 4th film in the series tends to splash up onto this one as well.

Alien cubed... I mean Alien 3, is not by any means a bad film. But it just doesn't live up to the previous two films in the slightest, which those two were near perfect for their time, and even hold up to this day.
Alien 3 suffers from a seemingly rushed plot and some spotty effects. The CGI in some moments is definitely a product of it's time and stick out like a sore thumb.
But the premise of the film is an interesting one at least. Though spoiler warning now!

A lot of the hate that this movie gets, and it is justifiable, is that two of the main characters from the previous film are unceremoniously killed off between films, showing just some brief moments of how it happens during the opening credits where they shoehorn an alien egg onto the space craft they escaped on that gets into the ship and causes the death of Newt and Hicks where so that they don't even get any screen time in this film. Where they had basically became Ripley's new family at the end of the second movie.

The ending of this movie is also a bit of a sour note, and unfortunately does lay the ground works for the horrible 4th film in the franchise.
However, again this movie itself is not all that bad. It just doesn't live up to it's predecessors, and gets unjust hate towards it mostly as fallout from the next film, Alien Resurrection.
Some of the extra characters are fun, though one is killed off suddenly in an unsatisfying way.

The idea of taking it back to a single alien, but this time being the horror of a prison colony with no weapons and only the factory they live in as their means of defense, is a cool idea. And some aspects of this were implemented pretty well. You also get a first look at what happens when a Xenomorph takes half of it's DNA from something other than a human this time, with the one in this film having burst from the chest of a dog. So the alien in this film is far more canine than humanoid.

Just a lot of the execution and very dated CGI hinder this film. As well as an unsatisfactory opening and ending. But that's my opinion.

Mistake Status: I'll get to it some day after I do the first two films.

Quantom X

30th Nov 2019

Aliens (1986)

I own this movie on DVD.

After I introduced my girlfriend to Alien with the 40th anniversary showing in theaters, I had to get her started on the rest of the series.

Aliens, like it's predecessor, still stands the test of time and holds up extremely well. A few dated effects here and there aside, this is a timeless film.
Taking place about 50 years after the end of the first film, the series shifts gears in genera from sci-fi horror, to sci-fi action thriller as a group of space fairing marines with Ripley return to the planet where her and her crew had discovered the aliens 50 years prior. Only in that time, the planet had been colonized by humans, and they had recently came across the nest of the face hugger eggs and now there are many aliens. Hence the title.

The rumored backstory of how James Cameron got the deal for making the feature with that title is awesome and I hope true.

This film is just as good as the first film, and the perfect sequel to it. The franchise has never been to this level in the years since, even with the under rated Alien 3, and especially not with the abysmal 4th film. The prequel movies are also decisive but good on their own rights, but nothing can seem to live up to the first two films. And with good reason with how great they are.

Mistake Status: Like the first film, I'll probably get around to dissecting this one for mistakes eventually.

Quantom X

30th Nov 2019

Alien (1979)

I own this movie on DVD and saw the 40th Anniversary edition in theaters with my girlfriend.

Funny story, is that right after me and my girlfriend started dating, she told me she likes horror movies but she'd never seen the Alien movies. I own them and was going to bring them over for her to see. But after we we leaving the theaters after watching It Chapter 2 and Stories to Tell in the Dark, we saw the poster for the 40th anniversary of Alien coming to theaters the next month. Great timing! What a coincidence!

For being a movie that came out in the 70's, this film still holds up extremely well. The acting, the set design, and even the effects. Some of it is dated, but it works with the aesthetics of the film. The miniature work with the ships is fantastic.

A movie that perfectly blends sci-fi thriller with a "creature feature" horror film. Still holds up as one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and I can't see it losing that title any time soon. Sitting up there right along side The Shining.

I had only ever saw this movie on the small screen as it came out about 10 years before my time. Originally seeing it on VHS, and then later I got the DVD collection. But finally getting to see it on the big screen in a real cinema, along side my wonderful girlfriend who had never seen it before, was an experience all of it's own! There just simply isn't much you can do to beat this film. Still standing the test of time. And spawning one of the best action sci-fi thrillers of all time as it's sequel.

Mistake Status: I'll probably get around to looking through this movie some day for mistakes. None yet.

Quantom X

26th Nov 2019

Joker (2019)

I saw this movie in theaters with my girlfriend.

Fantastic movie. This is a good turn for DC, and I hope they learn the right lessons from this and keep making films that are of this quality.

There's not much I can really say about the film, but it's acted well, written well, and executed great.
Following the origin story, or one possible origin story, of the Joker. Or what I actually believe is the person who inspires the real Joker.

Borrowing heavily from films from the 70's, like King of Comedy and Taxi Driver, this movie sets a dark tone that DC seems to love. However it doesn't drown itself in the darkness, and does it a good balance for this character.
It also has that freedom of not being tied to or trying to connect to multi movie stories or a universe. It's self contained and it's own thing, which is where DC movies like the animated ones tend to really thrive with.
I hope this inspires DC to make more live action stand alone tales like this and stop trying to play cheep catch up to Marvel, which they will never get to at this point.
(looking at you Justice League)

This a great movie, and I would give it 4 1/2 stars if the ratings would let me. I did have a couple of issues with the movie, but nothing to make it bad or not worth at least 4 stars.

Mistake Status: Didn't really catch any in the theaters. I do love comic book hero movies (or in this case, villain movies) and will for sure get my hands on this and comb through it more in the future.

Quantom X

26th Nov 2019

Lucy (2014)

I borrowed this movie from a friend who rented it from the Library.

I really didn't find much enjoyment about this movie at all. And it was marketed based on pretty much a lie. Trailers and ads billed this as being a female straying John Wick style story, when in reality there's not much of that kind of stuff in the movie at all. There's only one memorable scene where she even uses combat very well.

The premise of the film is also a bit stupid. They kidnap this ordinary girl and try to use her as a drug mule by surgically implanting a bag of this CPH4 drug into her. When she's kicked, it causes the bag to break open and start leaking... which then somehow unlocks her brain to where she can start using more of it. Going along the, long ago proven false, myth that humans only use 10% of their brains, and that using more of it unlocks crazy powers.

so because she's kicked and the bag breaks, she goes from ordinary girl, to a beat ass killing machine in moments and starts learning all the secrets of the universe. And even makes a bio computer at the end using herself.

It's about as dumb as it sounds. It's not over all an extremely terrible movie, but it's still a bad movie. And it's not even that interesting, exciting or fun to watch. Which is the worst thing for an action sci-fi movie to be.

Mistake Status: I didn't bother really looking for any or cared to. I have no plans to come back to this film.

Quantom X

24th Nov 2019

Cold Pursuit (2019)

I rented this movie from RedBox.

Honestly, this movie is pretty generic. It's about what you'd expect from a Liam Neeson revenge movie.
Nothing really that inventive or original about it, though some of the inter play between the crime lords and the Indian tribe in the movie are a bit interesting. The story is pretty typical. Liam's son is murdered, but it's made to look like a drug overdose, Liam doesn't believe it is and digs deeper, finding out this big plot and so one thing leads to another with him going on a rampage to kill drug lords for revenge.

It's a pretty forgettable movie except for one thing...

The ending!
I was bewildered by the ending of this movie. It's a pretty straight forward serious movie for the most part, and not a comedy. But the surprise ending that comes out of freaking nowhere is so out of place and random that it just blew my mind. It was the most "what-the-hell-kind-of-ending-is-that!?" moment I've ever had.The ending is like something straight out of a dark comedy and it's so out of place and out of tone with the rest of the movie that I almost love it.
I am only going to even remember this movie down the road because of that ending.
so I actually recommend watching it only to get to that part, but you have to watch the whole movie to get the impact of that ending. So if you're curious, watch it for that.

Mistake status: Meh, wasn't really looking for any. Caught one and don't really think I'll come back to this.

Quantom X

I saw this movie in theaters with my dad.

So lately, the last few years, me and my dad have been making it a point to try and go see the big block buster movies that are "guy films" like this in theaters together. Marvel films, Star Wars, Terminator, Predator, Rambo, and more.
So when Dark Fate was hitting theaters, we went and saw it.

I really liked this film. Of course it doesn't hold up to the first two movies but it doesn't need to.
I personally don't think there is a bad film in the franchise yet, and even like Genesys despite some flaws. I think they are over hated on and would even go as far to say that Terminator 3 is my favorite one, even if T2 is the better movie.
Honestly, I would say Salvation is my least favorite of the films, and I still like that movie a lot.

Dark Fate is no exception. It tries to take new risks with some aspects, but then again does still fall into the same tried and true formula of all the films before it, except Salvation.
The action was pretty good, the actors decent, and then Arnold and Linda Hamilton steal the show! But I felt like they were not explored to the best they could have been. Arnold was compelling and I would much have liked to have seen the development of what he went through over the years since the event at the start of the movie.

That being said, the movie is still satisfactory and I thought well done. Not near as good as some of the others, but not bad either. It's worth a watch and a great popcorn flick.

Mistake Status: Didn't catch any on my first watch, but wasn't really looking either. Will probably revisit it it some day.

Quantom X

4th Nov 2019

Stuber (2019)

I rented this movie from RedBox.

From seeing the trailers to this film early on, I had high hopes that it would be as funny as it seemed there. I finally got around to watching it, and I must say I wasn't disappointing.
The film is a sort of reluctant buddy cop movie, but where it's more of a kick ass half competent Mr. Magoo with his bad eye sight forcing a situation on a misfortune Uber driver who just wan'ts to get good ratings. This sets up all sorts of possibilities for funny situations, and for the most part it does a good job of delivering on this.

The film is nothing ground breaking or all that original, but it's fun. Not a deep thought provoking film, but a rowdy romp that's sure to tickle your funny bone if the humor lands in your ball park. I certainly got a rise out of it, even with some of the more predictable beats of the film
I do highly recommend this movie as a good comedy.

Mistake Status: I caught a few on my first viewing that Sammo didn't get, lol. One day I'll buy this movie and revisit it.

Quantom X

5th Sep 2019

Brightburn (2019)

I rented this movie from RedBox.

If I could give a 3 and 1/2 star rating, I would. It's not good enough for 4 stars but not quite bad enough for 3 stars.

I was hyped for this film, really wanted it to be good. It had a great concept! A horror take on Superman if he grew up to be evil. And with a concept like that they could have done so much.
But, as it stands, it's just an okay good movie. It's not great, just good. And as far as what they could have done with a concept like this, it's really disappointing.
Instead of doing much original, they slide back on your typical modern horror style scares and tropes. It falls flat in that aspect a bit and some of the acting isn't that great. The deaths are gruesome at some points, and some pretty cool. But over all it's a meh, average movie that could have been so much better.

Mistake Status: Wasn't really watching for any this time through. Will probably revisit it in the future.

Quantom X

29th Aug 2019

Searching (2018)

I rented this movie from RedBox.

So I had been seeing trailers for this film for a while now, and was curious to rent it. I just never got around to it and was renting other films. However it was nearing the back of the RedBox listings and would soon not be available any more, so with code I got in my email to rent one get one free, I got Searching.

And it was great!
Filmed entirely from the perspective of someone looking at a computer, with a few instances of the Found Footage format here and there, it was actually amazing. It's engaging, and gripping. The twists and turns the film takes you through will surprise you, and it's very cleverly done. For the last half of the movie I was on the edge of my seat all the way to the very end with the various twists on the ending. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, nor did I guess any of the twists really. I was surprised, shocked, and thoroughly entertained.

The acting was on point, the tech showcased well. And I can believe that something like this could, and probably has actually happened.
I say this is a high recommend and a great watch. Go for it, rent it while you can. It won't be in RedBox much longer.

Mistake Status: I noticed one in my first viewing. Given the nature of this movie and how it's filmed, it's hard to really catch many mistakes, much less continuity errors. But maybe I'll revisit it some day.

Quantom X

10th Aug 2019

Shazam! (2019)

I rented this movie from RedBox.

Well it's about damn time DC was able to make a legit good and funny movie. This might just be the DCEU's best yet.
A good turn around from the slog fest they'd been putting out under the Slo-Mo king, Zack Snyder. This was fun! Entertaining, and just... warm. A DC movie that's actually colorful and fun? What blaspheme is this!? It's a breath of fresh air and I can't recommend it more. Zachary Levi nails this role.

Mistake Status: It's a superhero movie. So of course I'll get to examining it closely when I can.

Quantom X

9th Aug 2019

Sniper (1993)

I own this movie on DVD.

I found a 4 pack in the Walmart $5 movie bin that had Sniper 1-3 and Sniper Reloaded in it. And then just by pure coincidence, my mom got me Sniper Legacy for like my birthday or something. Only then after looking into it did I realise... there are 7 movies in this franchise. Seven! like. Wtf? I had no idea about that.

So I finally got around to watching the original and well... it was actually pretty good. Noting major or amazing, but it was pretty good. I liked the story, I liked the main character. But the spotter guy was a bit annoying at times.
It's good for it's time and what it is.
It's my introduction to the series and well, hopefully they just get better from here.
I've nothing really special to say about it... it's just a good film.

Mistake Status: Oh yeah, you can bet I'll be combing through a movie like this at some point. I'll have to dissect this series as a whole.

Quantom X

I rented this movie from RedBox.

Absolutely excellent. I haven't seen the first movie since it came out, but in my opinion this one is funnier and better. I was smiling the whole way through.
The jokes landed every time, and the references were great.
Somehow the story even topped the previous one, with this one being about how siblings can fight and then come together and get along for some fun.

Sure, there was some absurd Leftist agenda undertones to the film with the whole SJW kick against masculinity... but it somehow didn't distract from the movie. And it was subtle enough that unless you really knew what to look for, you wouldn't even realise it's there. But Hollywood is saturated with that crap now-a-days. It was refreshing how little impact it actually had on the film and that they didn't make a huge deal about it.

This movie... just might be the best one I've seen yet this year. Even more than Endgame. I loved it!

Mistake Status: Maybe some day.

Quantom X

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