Corrected entry: Without a valid ticket/boarding pass you can't get through security, much less on board a plane. As Roger did not know he was "supposed" to go, he wouldn't have had a ticket.


23rd Sep 2006

Eight Below (2006)

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, when they are flying a helicopter, they are flying a helicopter from the Norwegian company AirLift, registered LN-OMB, very unlikely to have a Norwegian helicopter in New Zealand. Also, the boat they land on is named "Polarsyssel", a Norwegian name, and signs onboard are in Norwegian.


Correction: Considering they were on their way to a Norwegian research station, it is almost guaranteed they would be on a Norwegian chopper, and ship. Planes and ships by their very nature travel the world. I can go to an airport in Canada, and point out planes from numerous countries. An air charter place company from Canada is one of the largest transport companies, operating mostly from Argentina and New Zealand when they are supplying Antarctica research stations, and they use Canadian registered planes. No mistake.

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