Corrected entry: The movie uses the typical "vampires hate silver" mythos. When Adam opens Jack Bart's coffin, he is clutching Lincoln's silver pocket watch. Either he stole it from Lincoln before his death or Lincoln put it there, but either way, it should have been burning him up since he is a vampire. Also, the watch was given to Lincoln by Henry, another vampire, though Henry possibly could have been wearing gloves to negate the silver.

Correction: Vampires can hold a wooden stake, too, without coming to harm. They have to be stabbed in the heart with it before they'll die. Silver can kill these vampires, but only if it is actually used to cause what would be a mortal wound to a mortal man.

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Corrected entry: Abraham's axe has a gun built into the handle. During the train scene, the main vampire breaks his axe over his knee. This is amazing, due to the fact that the gun barrel inside the axe handle wouldn't have snapped.

Correction: And why wouldn't it have snapped? If the metal was stressed to such a degree and with such speed by a vampire's super-strength, especially having nowhere to bend being completely encased in wood, it could certainly have snapped.

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Corrected entry: In the train scene, Henry is beat up significantly by Adam. This directly contradicts an earlier scene where Henry could not touch or kill Adam due to the rules regarding vampires; Adam is still able to maim Henry and even bite him.

Correction: They're not able to KILL one another. Nothing was ever said about one vampire merely touching or even striking another vampire. So long as it's not a death blow, anything goes.

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Corrected entry: In a flashback, Henry reveals to the audience that vampires cannot kill one another as he attempts to stab Adam multiple times. Adam is seemingly surrounded by an invisible force field. Towards the end of the movie, however, Adam and Henry beat the living daylights out of each other and cause visible damage. Did some magical event take place on the train that allowed vampires to harm each other? We may never know.

Correction: Vampires can't kill one another. But they can still make physical contact with each other so long as such contact will not result in the death of one or the other.

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