14th Feb 2009

28 Weeks Later (2007)

Corrected entry: During the scene where Don visits his wife in the medical containment room, we see him swipe through no fewer than three locked security doors. However, after he becomes infected and kills his wife we jump to him killing guards in a garage. Despite having retained slightly higher than normal cognitive skills, how is zombie Don able to escape from several concentric locked areas?

Correction: By swiping his card again. In both films, the zombies are shown to have a capacity for problem solving and application of logic, not to mention that they remember everything about their lives. The disease, basically, just makes them murderously angry at every human being to the degree that they will only pursue a course of action if it has the potential to end with that result; i.e. they don't eat because that doesn't get anyone killed. Doesn't affect them mentally in any other way.

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So why didn't any infected pilots crash their planes into populated areas, even across the channel in France? Why didn't anyone drive their cars into fleeing people, leaving damaged wrecks in London (instead of streets that were almost completely devoid of vehicles? Why didn't infected soldiers use their firearms, or launch nuclear weapons? That would kill a lot of people.

That doesn't make much sense. I would assume it is much more likely because the doors only require keycards to be swiped when entering and not leaving. Even modern RFID keycards have this capability. Similar to hotel room doors.

13th Jun 2007

28 Weeks Later (2007)

Corrected entry: Why weren't there guards to prevent Don from entering the quarantined room with Alice and obtaining the Rage virus from her? Even with his master clearance; he wouldn't have the authority to enter such a high risk area unescorted. With the risk of another outbreak from Alice's body fluids, the base commander would have assigned 24-hour guards around her in addition to the forces already in control to ensure no one touched her and became infected. Anything less would have been cause for the commander being relieved for incompetence, assuming he didn't get killed or infected first.

Correction: She was in a locked room that very few people could even access, and he made the obviously incorrect assumption that none of those people would even want to go in there, let alone be foolish enough to actually try. Why waste the men on it?

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